LIMKSYS is aware of all the concerns of the visitors regarding the privacy of their data. All the information we gather is only after your consent. We want to take this moment to remind you that any information that you enter on our site will be available for any person to read.


Data Collected Automatically on Visiting LIMKSYS

Some information, such as web beacons and cookies, get collected automatically when you visit our site. This data also includes your operating system’s characteristics, IP address, and data about your browser. We put tags on the site for the purpose of managing data. LIMKSYS uses web beacons to record visitors and find how they are navigating through our site.


How LIMKSYS Uses the Data Gathered

LIMKSYS gathers various kinds of data. The information that it collects is used for different purposes. They are outlined below.

  • Curate articles and guides as per your requests.
  • The data that the site gathers is also used by our experts to respond to your queries and extend appropriate support.
  • We also use the data to enhance our business.
  • The data gathered is used to execute analytics pertaining to website usage.
  • The data collected is also used to safeguard against any fraud or unethical activity.


How LIMKSYS Share Information

Our website does not share user information for violating your identity. We share information for internal business objectives. We also utilize user information for carrying out statistics and analytics. It allows us to understand our user base better and offer services that precisely fulfill your needs.


Privacy of children

LIMKSYS have not been designed to be used by kids, especially those under 16. Our website does not gather data on children below this age. However, if we collect the data somehow, we make it a point to delete it from our database.


Ethics Policy

The content on LIMKSYS is written by verified authors. They adhere to all the ethical requirements for creating content. The writers ensure to provide practical and valuable advice. The content is created only after thorough research.