AOL Desktop Gold Download, Installation and Setup Guide

AOL Desktop Gold Download, Installation and Setup Guide

AOL desktop gold is the best platform to access all your emails using Windows or MAC PC. There is no doubt that AOL provides various tools and add-ons that are free, simple, and trouble-free to use. It offers complete privacy and functionality to the user that is a great thing about AOL desktop. It also assists you to play videos, music, and games simply. You can easily download AOL desktop gold to your computer system and enjoy an amazing and top-class emailing service. Sometimes you can experience some technical issues while attempting to install it on your computer system. You can see a failure of downloading, installation, setup or upgrade. You can get trapped in all these issues. Initially, you must learn the full and proper procedure to install, and AOL desktop gold download on your computer system. Here, we are going to explain a detailed process for Download, Installation and Setup. In addition, if you have any doubts or confusion, you can take instant Email Support from certified technical support professionals.


Features of AOL Desktop Gold are listed below

It is one of the most popular software that provides many exciting features and benefits. It also helps to improve the safety features. When you have this software, whatever you download and browse online, it can be easily monitored. It has also an extra two-step checking features that assist you to keep your items fully protected. Data on this software can be simply imported and exported.

  1. AOL Software is very simple to use
  2. Two-step verification
  3. Useful tool available
  4. Complete customization features
  5. Automatic updates
  6. Complete security and privacy features available

Common Issues for AOL Desktop Gold

  1. AOL Desktop Gold Crashes
  2. System Update failure
  3. Software not working properly
  4. Issues with Exporting and Importing data and mail in AOL Desktop Gold
  5. Showing not responding error in AOL Gold
  6. Cannot Access AOL Account

Necessary system requirements to install AOL desktop Gold

Before downloading and installing AOL gold desktop on your computer system, you must understand the fundamental system requirements so that the newest AOL gold software can be simply downloaded and installed. Windows 7, 8 or 10, 266 MHz or faster processor of your computer system, suggested screen resolution of 1024×768 or higher 1GB of RAM, Internet connection, and free hard disk space of 512 MB.

Begin the procedure to install AOL desktop gold on windows

This full process will work on windows 7 and advanced versions be it 8 or 10. You must follow below steps to install AOL desktop on Windows PC.

  1. Initially, you must download AOL desktop gold file from a trustworthy source or from the official website.
  2. When the downloading procedure completes, you need to make double click on AOL setup file correctly. After that, you need to follow the on-screen steps, and finish the procedure suitably.
  3. Next, you must go to “AOL My Benefit page”. You should enter the correct AOL credentials whenever you are asked. For any doubt, Email support team is available to help you.
  4. After completing the process of filling the form, you need to click on “Next” option. You will reach “All products field”. You must scroll the displayed screen and make the right click on “AOL desktop Gold” link correctly.
  5. Finally, you must click on “Download file” button and AOL desktop will be installed on your windows computer system.

System requirements for MAC to download AOL Desktop software

  1. Mac needs 266 Mhz or quicker computer processor
  2. 1024*768 or higher screen resolution is needed
  3. 1 GB RAM and 512 MB free hard disk space suggested
  4. A stable internet connection

Installation process of AOL desktop software on Mac computer

If you want to install AOL desktop gold on your MAC computer system, you must follow below steps in the correct ways. Here, we are a complete guide to help you on how to install AOL gold desktop software on Mac computer system.

  1. Initially, you must login into AOL account and go to “My Benefit page” field, if you’re an AOL advantage plan member.
  2. Secondly, you must find AOL desktop software under the section of “All products” field and click on “Download now” button.
  3. Now, you need to make the double click on AOL Gold setup.dmg file correctly and click on “ Continue” button to start with the software installation procedure.
  4. After that, you need to carry on clicking on “Continue” option till the time you reach “License agreement” windows.
  5. Next, you need to tick “Agree” button checkbox and choose the “Install now” button to start the procedure. For any doubt, you can call live email technical support team anytime.
  6. After the installation procedure finishes, you must click on “Close” option and start the AOL application correctly.
  7. If AOL gold software does not begin, you must click on “Go” button and go to “applications” button available in the displaying drop-down menu.
  8. Finally, You need to make double click on AOL desktop gold software under the name section. When the software begins, you need to login in by entering username and password. Thus, you can easily install AOL gold software on your Mac computer system.

Steps to Uninstall AOL Desktop Gold

  1. First of all, if there is any program running close it, after that go to Control Panel
  2. Now you will get a pop-up on your screen, “Do you want to keep your personal data associated with this desktop software?”
  3. If say Yes, then click on Uninstall option.
  4. Once it is over, then restart your computer. This is how you can Unistall the AOL Gold.

Contact Experts if You need AOL Desktop Support

By performing all above explained instructions, you can easily install AOL desktop gold software on windows and Mac computer systems. These instructions are extremely helpful for you, so you can complete the downloading, installation and setup process of AOL desktop application. Still, if you have any other issues or get stuck in the above process, you can take step by step guidance from online email support team available 24 hours.

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