Outlook Calendar not Showing Appointments | How to Fix?

Outlook Calendar not Showing Appointments | How to Fix?

Microsoft Outlook is one of the widely used email client programs among the users. It has several amazing features including calendar management for your business appointments. As a result, Outlook’s Meeting function is enormously famous and closely rivals it emailing feature. But this cannot happen without its faults. However, sometime your Outlook Calendar Not Showing Appointments or you may not able to view your created appointments in Outlook calendar section. In such condition, you are suggested to add the calendar to Outlook as an Internet calendar.


Calendars may be hidden or shown if using the check boxes in the Calendar Folder Pane. Appointments and meetings may also be hidden automatically, if they do not fit in your calendar’s current view in Outlook. You can take Email Help from highly expert techies in order to deal with such problematic hurdle. Furthermore, you can read the blog from top-to-toe!

Solutions to Fix Outlook Calendar not Showing Appointments

Even after creating a meeting if Outlook Calendar not Showing Appointments, then you are recommended to modify the way Outlook displays the meeting features. Here is what you need to perform:

Solution 1: Choose the Calendars Category

First, scheduled appointments only display if the calendar’s category has been selected on the program’s left side. Then, you have to choose the correct view (Day/work week/month) depending on the schedule of your meetings that you want to view.

In case, Outlook Calendar not Showing Appointments yet, continue reading.

Solution 2: Reset the Calendar View

A custom view may also be not shown the appointments after setup. So, you should try to restore the ‘factory’ view for the calendars folder. Steps have to go through:

  1. Launch Outlook program in Windows
  2. Click the “Calendar” tab from the left bottom side
  3. Open the “View” tab
  4. Click the “View Settings” option
  5. Now click Reset Current View
  6. Press “OK” tab and check to see if the Outlook Calendar not Showing Appointments problem is solved or still appearing

Solution 3: Customize Your Displayed Calendars

Multiple calendars can be displayed at the same time in Outlook. To show your hidden calendars, you need to apply the following points:

  1. First open Outlook
  2. Click “Calendar” in the navigation pane
  3. Then, check the boxes next to the calendars you want to view under the “My Calendars” folder in the Folder Pane
  4. Alternatively, right-click on the calendar in the Folder Pane and then click “Show This Calendar”
  5. By default checked calendars are displayed side-by-side

Solution 4: Create Meetings Directly

Creating a meeting directly from the program will send invitations to your planned contacts promptly. Similarly, the easiest way to invite new guests is by adding their addresses as recipients of the meeting notifications rather than by clicking invite/forward.

Solution 5: Update the Meetings Tool

Updating your Microsoft outlook program can helpful to permanently get rid of the Outlook Calendar not Showing Appointments error. To update the tool, follow the given instructions:

  1. Open Outlook first
  2. Click File menu
  3. Select Help section
  4. Click Check for updates/Install updates
  5. Confirm the installation to complete the process

This may solve your problem.

Acquire Email Technical Support If Problem Not Solved

Hopefully! The above noted information going to effectual for you in terms of fixing Outlook Calendar not Showing Appointments problem. But in case, you are still facing the same Outlook problem, then contact to deft connoisseurs for Email Technical Support. They are present round the clock at toll-free number. So, place an instant call and obtain fruitful solution at doorstep.

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