How to Fix Outlook Inbox Not Updating from Exchange?

How to Fix Outlook Inbox Not Updating from Exchange?

Outlook is the free personal information manager web app launched by Microsoft. Clients are using Microsoft Outlook to access the Exchange mailboxes and inbox folder for specially sending or receiving mails. However, it is essential to update Outlook inbox so that you can see the new emails and download them. But what, if your Outlook Inbox Not Updating from Exchange. In such condition, new contents such as emails, contacts, calendar items, tasks, notes and others are not updated and won’t be downloaded even though manually selected “update folder” in order to invoke the new data. This problem can be caused by several reasons, from Outlook offline to Exchange server problem. In order to effectively get rid of it, grab Email Technical Support from highly proficient techies. They will give satisfying result. Hence, stay tune! Furthermore, you can read the post.


Reasons Why Outlook Inbox Not Updating from Exchange

The possible factors for this issue are listed below, have a glimpse once:

  1. OST files are corrupted or damaged
  2. Interruption between offline and online items
  3. Corruption of PST files
  4. Due to slow inbox refresh rate
  5. If the auto-update feature is disabled
  6. Outlook is not properly connected to the server
  7. Items stored in Outlook cache may get corrupted and hence Outlook Inbox Not Updating error found
  8. Maybe the settings are not appropriately configured in Outlook

Guidelines to Fix Outlook Inbox Not Updating from Exchange

The instructions guided underneath will let you reach out the ending point of solving Outlook Inbox Not Updating. So, stop wandering here and there, simply go through the given guidelines in an appropriate way:,/p>

Guideline 1: Clear Offline Items

Most of the Exchange accounts configured in Microsoft Outlook having Cached Exchange Mode are enabled by default. This enabled service allows users to carry on their work with MS Outlook even when you are offline and also to improve the performance. In case, the items in Outlook are mismatched with online vibrant, the cached items may get corrupted or damaged and hence Outlook Inbox Not Updating problem being faced. That’s why, we advise you to clear out all the offline items with the help of below noted directions:

  1. First and foremost, give a right-click on the folder in which items are stored
  2. From the drop-down menu, select “Properties” option
  3. Then after, tap on the “Clear Offline Items” option
  4. In the confirmation prompt, give single click on “OK” button
  5. Now, on the Outlook’s ribbon, go to the “Send/Receive” tab
  6. And then, click “Update Folder”

Deleting the offline items from Exchange account can make the Outlook Inbox Not Updating problem solved. If the same error yet persists, continue.

Guideline 2: Delete OST Files

Outlook caches and stores email messages, calendar events and other items in Offline Storage Table that is also known as ‘.OST file’. As everything in Exchange account is stored on the cloud or server. So it’s safe to delete the .ost file because if OST file corrupts, you can face updating issue. Let’s do it by following steps:

  • First of all, open Outlook
  • Then, go to the “File” tab
  • From the list of menus, select “Info” option
  • Click on “Account Settings”
  • Once again choose the option “Account Settings”
  • And then give a click on “Data Files” tab
  • Under the Data Files tab, you can see a list of all Outlook data files with their respective locations
  • Then, you have to click the “Open File Location” option to directly go to the .ost file
  • The file location for .ost is normally located in the following place:
  1. Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
  2. Windows Vista and later versions: C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook
  • Now, at the end hit the “Delete” key
  • Close the Outlook and re-open it once the .ost file has been deleted successfully
  • Now, Outlook will re-download all items from the Exchange server again

If Outlook Inbox Not Updating stillgo to guideline 3.

Guideline 3: Make Use of OST Integrity Check Tool

If you’re using Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007, you can use the OST Integrity Check Tool (Scanost.exe) to check the .ost file for inconsistencies. The OST Integrity Check Tool (Scanost.exe) is automatically been installed at the time of Outlook installation and it’s located in the following locations:

  1. Outlook 2003: <drive>:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\LocaleID
  2. Outlook 2007: <drive>:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12

So, you can go to such location and run the ‘Scanost.exe’ file to check for any corrupt ost file and delete if find any.

Guideline 4: Work Offline and Online

Sometimes, simple step can helpful and effectiveness in a way to sort out some simple issues. If all of the above steps failed to resolve the Outlook Inbox Not Updating, then simply go to “Send / Receive” tab. Click on “Work Offline” and then tap on the button again to turn it back to online. This can solve your problem.

Guideline 5: Disable Cached Exchange Mode

  1. Open Outlook and go to “File” tab
  2. Select “Account Settings”, and then give a click on “Account Settings” tab
  3. On the E-mail tab, click the Exchange account, and then click “Change” button
  4. Under Microsoft Exchange server, select the “Use Cached Exchange Mode” check box
  5. Exit and then re-open Microsoft Outlook

Take Door-step Email Technical Help from Expert Team

Hopefully! The afore-mentioned solutions annihilate Outlook Inbox Not Updating error issue. But if it is seriously not fruitful, then contact to expert techies for instant Email Technical Help. They are present 24 hours at helpline number for your better solution. So, connect with them as soon as possible and make your doubt clear within a couple of second.

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