Troubleshooting AOL Desktop Gold Problems

Troubleshooting AOL Desktop Gold Problems

AOL Desktop Gold is the faster, more secure and upgraded version of AOL desktop. It is easy to access and has extensive features such as mailing, browsing, searching content, premium security and automatic updates. But being a software, there are few glitches you may encounter. The AOL Desktop Gold Problems like desktop gold not working, desktop icon is missing, downloading and installation error, desktop gold freezes, and more could happen anytime and then after you may start searching for one-stop solution for these errors. However, there are many techniques as well as troubleshooting guidelines in order to deal with those error issues in an easiest form. To get the handy solution, keep continue reading the post.


Ways of Troubleshooting AOL Desktop Gold Problems

We have compiled here some common AOL Desktop Gold Problems along with possible solutions. So, keep your eyes feast on the below-noted guides and follow the same accordingly:

Problem 1: AOL Desktop Gold Installation Error

Sometimes when you install AOL Desktop Gold software on your Windows system, the installation process may get failed to complete. This usually happens due to the following reasons:

  1. Incompatibility between your software and operating system
  2. Poor internet connection
  3. Due to temporary files, system gets slower and hence facing installation error
  4. Maybe your computer is infected by virus or malicious threats

Solution: Fix Installation Error of Desktop Gold

Here are the troubleshooting guides for Desktop Gold installation error. Go through step-by-step:

  1. Check the compatibility between your system and software
  2. Make sure your system has great speed of internet connection
  3. Delete all the temporary or unnecessary files from your operating device
  4. Run the latest version of desktop gold application on your PC

Problem 2: Unable To Download Desktop Gold

If there is connection error or any technical hitches in your operating system, then you might be unable to download AOL Desktop Gold.

Solution: Fix Downloading Error of Desktop Gold

Here are the desired things you should perform if you can’t download such application on your PC:

  1. Check your internet connection as poor network connection will not allow you to download AOL Desktop Gold
  2. Remove all the virus or threats from your system
  3. Check Hard Disk Drive space and ensure there is enough space
  4. Clear all the cache, cookies and history from browser

Problem 3: AOL Desktop Gold Update Error

There could be various reasons behind the updating error issue. Here is the list of few, check-out:

  1. Automatic Update might be switched off in “Settings”
  2. Corrupted or damaged driver can also lead this update error

Solution: Fix Update Error

Once you turned-on “Automatic Update” option from the Settings tab, you can freely update your desktop gold software. If it doesn’t work, then perform a clean boot in system to solve this issue.

Problem 4: Can’t Edit Contact in Desktop Gold Mail

When you try to edit contact in Desktop Gold Mail, you may receive an error message stating “A server error occurred while saving your contact. Please try again later”. It can be a browser-specific error.

Solution: Fix Can’t Edit Contact Issue

Try the comprehensive solutions mentioned underneath:

  1. When you try to edit contact address, make sure you are not adding any special characters such as dash (-), apostrophe (‘), and (&).
  2. You are also suggested to first clear the browser footprints, history, cache and cookies and then sign-in again to the official site of desktop gold software to frequently edit the contact
  3. Check your internet connection as well in order to cope-up ‘can’t edit contact’ issue

Problem 5: Can’t Send/Receive AOL Emails in Desktop Gold

There are times when you can’t Send/Receive AOL Emails in your desktop gold. Most probably, there is poor connection due to which you won’t be either able to send or receive any AOL emails.

Solution: Fix Can’t Send/Receive AOL Emails Issue

Go through the following Email Troubleshooting guides to easily fix the error that you are receiving while sending or receiving AOL emails in your desktop gold account:

  1. First of all, you have to check-out your network connectivity for smooth emailing service
  2. Secondly, you need to check your SMTP Server details and make sure it is correctly set up
  3. Double check your login credentials. Once it is verified that you have entered the correct username and password, you will be able to send/receive mails
  4. At the end, you are suggested to check SMTP port because outgoing mail server uses normally port 25, but some ISP may block it due to the increasing traffic. So, use port 587 or 465.

Problem 6: AOL Desktop Gold Icon Is Missing Error

Due to improper installation of the software, using a damaged or corrupted hard disk, or presence of any malware or virus, the desktop gold icon is missing. This is the very common problem can effort-freely be sorted out. So, don’t be worried about it!

Solution: Recover Missing Icon of Desktop Gold Software

Following are the effectual instructions to recover the missing icon on your desktop:

  1. First click on the system primary drive and then drag the Desktop Software Missing Icon towards the home screen
  2. You may even also give a right click on the option saying create shortcut
  3. If Desktop application Icon not visible on the system, then click on open gold program. Place the pointer over the icon and then select on keep it in the dock
  4. Then after, click on registry Window and choose the clear icon.db cache file
  5. Before clearing the file, change the icon value of max cached to 10000 or more than that

Direct Contact to Tech-savvy For AOL Desktop Gold Problems

The basic information about Troubleshooting AOL Desktop Gold Problems is mentioned in the above. Once you consciously read it out, you will be eligible to eradicate the most common glitches for desktop gold error issues. If you don’t find them helpful, make us call at helpline number for one-stop solution.

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