How to Fix AOL Desktop Gold is not Opening Problem?

How to Fix AOL Desktop Gold is not Opening Problem?

After updating the AOL Desktop Gold to a new version, many users might encounter some errors. AOL Desktop Gold is not opening problem may be due to compatibility issues, network connectivity error, or improper installation of AOL Desktop Gold. The situation is more problematic when you have to send an urgent mail to your peers or business associates for immediate business communication. You can go through the post or grab Email Online Help to fix AOL won’t open problem.


Causes of AOL Desktop Gold not opening error

There could be a lot of reasons AOL Desktop won’t respond. We have discussed a few of them at the beginning of this article, now let’s know them in detail.

Incorrect Installation 

The primary reason is an improper way to install AOL Desktop Gold on your computer. It may be due to human error or network connection problems that didn’t make your mail client install correctly. To resolve this, you will need to uninstall and reinstall it again correctly.

System Compatibility Issues

System compatibility also plays a substantial role in installing AOL Desktop Gold in your computer correctly. You will need to check if your system satisfies the below requirement.

  • Use Windows 7 or the latest operating system version.
  • AOL Desktop Gold requires 512 MB of your hard drive space.
  • Ensure a stable internet connection.
  • The minimum processor speed requirement is 266 MHz.
  • Use Internet Explorer 7+.
  • And you should use the screen resolution of 1024 X 768 or higher.

Virus attack

 An infected system will trouble while opening the AOL Desktop Gold application. Before launching any application, you must check if you have downloaded a trusted antivirus software.

Low internal memory (RAM)

If your AOL Desktop Gold is not opening, it could be due to low internal memory. When users don’t restart their computer instantaneously after installing the AOL Desktop Gold, then also this problem occurs. To fix it, you must restart your computer very often to clear the RAM. It also resolves many other issues in AOL Desktop Gold.

Compatibility issues with Flash Player 

Flash player is needed to watch content, video, and music on AOL Desktop Gold. At times the incompatibility issues between them don’t let AOL Desktop Gold launch and make it unresponsive.

AOL Desktop Gold won’t open! Fix it now 

To start browsing on AOL Desktop Gold, you will need to eliminate its unresponsive behaviour. Different steps will help you gain access AOL, follow the below steps:

Method 1: Clear cached files

Firstly you must clear the browser history and cache files. Sometimes files accumulated in the history and cache folder do not let you launch AOL Desktop Gold. To proceed, go to the browser settings and choose all files and click clear browser history. Now restart your computer and launch AOL Desktop Gold.

Method 2: Temporarily turn off the Firewall

Sometimes your firewall may detect the AOL Desktop Gold as a threat to your system, and it will abort its operations on your computer. You may try to temporarily turn off the firewall and relaunch the AOL Desktop Gold. If it starts working fine, then you will need to update your antivirus software.

Method 3: Clear Footprints

Clearing the footprints will resolve browser crashing problems and AOL Gold Desktop not responding error as well.

If you are experiencing these errors frequently, then you must first report the error to AOL Desktop support. And if it doesn’t respond at all, then skip this step.

  • Launch the AOL Desktop Gold.
  • Locate and click the Edit menuon the top.
  • Now choose the option Footprints to Clear.
  • Tick mark the box Browser Cache. Now the temporary browser files will be cleared.
  • Try to relaunch AOL Desktop.

Method 4: Uninstall Flash Player

If still, your AOL Desktop Gold is not opening, then uninstalling the Flash player might help you resolve this error. Follow these steps to complete the process.

  • Search Control panelon your computer.
  • Click Programson the Control Panel window.
  • Now select Programs and Features.
  • Search for Flash Playerin the list and select all files related to it.
  • Click Uninstall or Uninstall/Change.

Method 5: Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold

Uninstall the AOL Desktop Gold first and then reinstall it after following the steps below.

  • To Uninstall – Go to the control panelon your computer.
  • Now click Programsand then tap Programs & Features.
  • Click on the AOL Desktopand select Uninstall.

Now, as per your AOL subscription, you can download the AOL Desktop Gold program. Visit the official website and login to your account and click All Products. Now scroll and select AOL Desktop Gold and click Download Now.

  • To Install – Go to the File Explorer.
  • Now open the Download folder.
  • Locate the AOL Desktop Gold Installerand double click over it.
  • Click Runand then click Install Now.


With these steps, you will quickly resolve AOL Desktop Gold won’t open problems and regain access to browse, sending or receiving emails, and watch videos. For more clarity on the subject, we have also mentioned the primary reasons for the unresponsive behaviour of AOL Desktop Gold. Follow the instructions as per this guide, and you will fix the issue by yourself, if found any problem, then you must contact the AOL Gold customer care.

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