AOL Desktop Gold not Printing | How to Print?

AOL Desktop Gold not Printing | How to Print?

AOL Desktop Gold not printing error occurs when there is something wrong with your printer device or AOL software. It can be the issue with your printer connection, corrupted printer components, files, or drivers, or because of outdated AOL Desktop Gold software.

If you are also getting AOL Desktop Gold not printing issues while trying to print something from your AOL software, then you’ve got to the right place.

In this blog, you’ll find the causes and troubleshooting steps for fixing AOL Desktop Gold. If you want, you can also talk with our Email Technical Support experts to get your AOL email issue fixed in a jiffy.


Causes of AOL Desktop Gold not Printing

Trying to print something from your AOL software but can’t? Well, there are various reasons that can prevent AOL software from sending print jobs to the printer. It can be the issue with your printer, your AOL Desktop Gold, or your PC. Given below are the possible causes of the AOL Desktop Gold Not Printing issue.

  1. There’s something wrong with your printer.
  2. Some third-party application or program is interfering with the AOL print tasks
  3. The files you are tiring to print are corrupted
  4. AOL Desktop Gold is outdated

No matter what’s the cause of your AOL desktop issue, you can resolve it all by using the solutions mentioned in this blog. But before you start with the below troubleshooting steps, we suggest you check if your printer device is switched or if it is experiencing an error. Also, try updating your AOL Desktop Gold software to the latest version available.

How to Resolve AOL Desktop Gold not Printing Issue?

To be able to resolve AOL Desktop Gold not printing issue, you must first check at what step you are facing this issue. By this we mean, are you receiving an error while printing anything from your AOL software or just a particular email or attachment. Once, you find out the above said you can follow the troubleshoots mentioned below in this blog.

Solution 1: Confirm that Printer is Working Fine

  1. On your Windows computer, open the notepad and type something.
  2. Save the document and click on the File option.
  3. Select the Print option from the list and then choose your printer model.
  4. After selecting your printer, click on the Print button.
  5. If you can print this document, then it means there’s nothing wrong with your printer device. In this case, you need to continue following the troubleshooting steps in this blog until your AOL Desktop Gold Not Printing issue is fixed.

However, if you can’t print the document from your printer, you need to check your printer device for any errors or issues.

Solution 2: Disable Unnecessary Startup Programs from Your Windows

As you’ve noticed whenever you turn on your PC, a couple of applications start automatically. If your PC is starting a lot of programs on the startup, it can not only cause issues to your PC but also slow it down. Given below are the steps that can help you disable unnecessary startup programs from your PC.

  1. Turn on your PC.
  2. On your Windows search bar, enter Task Manager.
  3. After launching Task Manager, select the More Details option on the bottom of the page.
  4. Go to the Startup tab and disable all the unnecessary programs running in the background.
  5. To disable startup programs, you need to click on one program at a time and then click on the Disable button on the bottom right corner of the page.

After disabling all the unnecessary startup programs from your device, give your PC a restart. Now open AOL Desktop Gold again and try sending a print job to see if the issue still occurs.

Solution 3: Update Print Margin Settings on Internet Explorer

AOL Desktop Gold Not printing issue can also occur if the print margin on your web browser is not configured correctly. Given below are the steps that you can use to set up the print margin on your Internet Explorer in the proper position.

  1. Launch the Internet Explorer web browser on your PC and go to the File menu.
  2. Click on Page Setup and then select Margin.
  3. Set the margin to 0.25 in all the fields, Top, Bottom, Left, and Right.
  4. Hit OK to apply the changes

After updating the Print Margin setting of your Web browser, try sending print tasks from your AOL Desktop Gold software again and see if the issue is resolved or not.

Solution 4: Delete The Print Jobs That Are Pending

Another troubleshooting step to fix AOL Desktop Gold not printing issue is by clearing print spools. You can use the below steps to know how to clear pending print jobs from your PC.

  1. On your PC, select the Printer icon from the bottom right corner of the taskbar.
  2. Check for any pending print jobs and click on it one by one.
  3. Select Cancel to delete it.

Again after deleting the print spooler, you are required to restart your PC and then try printing from AOL Desktop Gold again.

Solution 5: Try Printing Pages From Internet Explorer

If your issue isn’t resolved even after following all the above-mentioned solutions, lastly, you need to check if the issue is with your web browser. Use the below steps to try printing a web page from your Internet Explorer.

  1. Launch Internet Explorer on your PC.
  2. Press Ctrl + P keys to get to the Print window.
  3. Check the Print Preview and then select your Printer.
  4. Hit the Print button to send the print command.

If you can’t print anything from your browser, then you should try updating it or reinstall it.

We hope you have successfully troubleshooted your AOL Desktop Gold and are not facing any other issues. However, if you are still getting the AOL Desktop Gold not printing issue and need our help, we are all ears. Just give us a call at our AOL Email Technical Support Number and talk to our email experts. You can also talk with our chat representatives online and discuss your issue with them.

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