CenturyLink Email Spam Filter Not Working? Solving Tactics

CenturyLink Email Spam Filter Not Working? Solving Tactics

CenturyLink email has a productive Spam Filter which makes account more secure. It actually keeps away the spam emails once you perfectly modify the spam filter settings. The unsolicited emails will be automatically sent to your Spam folder in your CenturyLink email account. Moreover, when you receive any CenturyLink emails, the spam filtering tools scan the emails for malware threats. If the received emails are infected with viruses or malicious threats, then probably CenturyLink Email Spam Filter Not Working. A few things you need to implement in order to rectify this spam filter not working problem. In the blog post, it is clearly described what to perform to get it fixed soon from the root. Thus, read with concentration!


The Process to Fix CenturyLink Email Spam Filter Not Working

People often complain that they confront CenturyLink Spam Filter Problem as they are prevented from opening their spam emails. If you have the same problem with your CenturyLink email account, you finally landed on the right page. Beneath, we will walk you through the efficient solving tricks. Let’s execute!

Solution 1: Manage Spam Filter Settings

Here’s the suitable guideline to organize the spam filter settings if CenturyLink Email Spam Filter Does Not Work:

First of all, you have to log in to your CenturyLink email account using your correct username and password.

  • In the next step, go to the left side of the webpage and then look for the “WebApps” option.
  • Under the “WebApps” section, click on the “CenturyLink SPAM Settings” tab.
  • After doing so, a new window will pop up along with the following four spam settings options.
  1. None
  2. Low
  3. Medium
  4. High
  • In general, you are recommended to select the “Medium” option to safely receive your junk emails in the Spam folder.
  • Now, in the end, give a click on the “Apply SPAM Settings” button.

After appropriately organizing the spam filter settings, you can attempt to open CenturyLink email. If still, the CenturyLink Email Spam Filter Not working, apply the next solving method.

Solution 2: Verify the Email is Not Spam

Most probably, the email is not being considered spam in eyes of CenturyLink. So, it is very crucial to identify whether the emails are actually spam or junk email. Always remember one thing that spam emails will always be labeled as spam. Therefore, if the label is not there, it’s proof that the email is not spam. In such a circumstance, you can simply block emails from the address you receive them. Try the upcoming troubleshooting methods if it didn’t work for you to eradicate CenturyLink Spam Filter Problem.

Solution 3: Make Sure Spam Is Marked Spam

Maybe you have marked spam to the emails which are actually not spam. This could cause trouble in opening CenturyLink Email Spam filter emails or messages. CenturyLink immediately blocks the images and attachments when you attempt to open the Junk mail. Similarly, such emails will have banners that email is junk, so you can easily know and decide whether to open or not. You probably have to check the Spam settings and ensure that they are correctly set up.

Solution 4: Unsubscribe Link

If you receive the spam email with a link and try to open it, CenturyLink Email Spam Filter Not Working problem occurs. This is because the links remove the filters and spam the email. So, the only way to eliminate such type of error issue is to unsubscribe from all the links received in spam emails. You will do it simply by opening the link on the browser and clicking on the “Unsubscribe” tab. Moreover, you can also use the antivirus programs on your computer to scan the system and remove the viruses, if any.

Solution 5: Block

The spam emails landing in your mailbox are always been sent by a specific email address. So, if nothing understands in a way to fix your spam filter issues, just block that email address. Once you block the email sender and they won’t be able to send any messages/emails. This is a temporary fix you can try to get rid of your spam filter-related issues.

Solution 6: New Spam Method

There is a different email protocol iteration that helps people to use it to trespass the spam filter. Some of you would like to write emails in a new possible manner that isn’t considered spam by CenturyLink. Your spam filter on CenturyLink might be working flawlessly.

Solution 7: Message Filter

Setting up the message filter that’s causing the CenturyLink Spam Filter Problem will be your one-stop support solution. The filter effectively helps catch the important mails or starred emails; even it also receives some spam emails. This, it’s best to remain vigilant about the message filter settings. All the emails will be organized in a well-proper manner and Spam Filter will work frequently.

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Obtain 24/7 Live Email Support for Quality Assistance

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