How to Configure AOL Email IMAP Settings?

How to Configure AOL Email IMAP Settings?

AOL mail service is one of the most popular email services among the users. You should have full knowledge about AOL mail IMAP server settings to access your AOL email messages and folders in other email clients such as Mac mail, MS outlook, windows ten mail and other emailing applications. If you want to configure IMAP settings for AOL email account, we are going to share a detailed guide about IMAP settings for AOL mail account. This guide is very helpful for AOL email settings using SMTP, POP and IMAP protocol. These settings can assist in setting up AOL email account on all kinds of third party email applications and gadgets. In addition, you can take Online Email Support from certified technical professionals available round the clock.


Why is AOL IMAP Settings Required?

When you’re using AOL email with other email client and want to access your AOL mail messages and folders, IMAP is very necessary. IMAP settings is very helpful for setting up AOL email account on all third party emailing applications. You need AOL mail IMAP server settings to see all messages, important email, files and folders in mailbox of your AOL mail account. So you need to mention the particular information about AOL mail account and work upon about the IMAP server settings.  Thus, you can access all your AOL mail messages using AOL mail IMAP server.

Why does AOL mail prefer IMAP server settings?

AOL strongly recommends using IMAP settings over SMTP and POP3. Even though, both protocols are completely supported by AOL. Here are some important points of IMAP settings, which should be followed all the times.

For example; IMAP can be used to sync the specific service with AOL email account. So, whatever activity, you will do on your email account, you will observe that activity in AOL mail interface at AOL mail account. On other hand, POP is not able to do so. So, IMAP settings for AOL email is very necessary to configure AOL mail account with other third party email service.

What is the actual meaning of AOL IMAP Setting?

When you go to set up AOL email account with different other email clients, you will enter the particular required information. It gives the permission to other email service providers to use your AOL mail account. For any question, you can call online email support team to get full and specialized guidance. Here are some IMAP settings to obtain AOL mail account-

  1. Full AOL Mail IMAP server address: imap.aol.com
  2. Complete AOL Mail IMAP username: AOL Mail email address
  3. Full AOL Mail IMAP password: AOL Mail password
  4. Required AOL Mail IMAP port: 993
  5. Needed AOL Mail IMAP TLS/SSL: Yes

Requirement for AOL SMTP Settings

If you’re looking for sending a fresh email from your AOL mail account, you must fill up the SMTP settings information during the AOL mail account setup to send the outgoing emails from AOL Mail account properly. For any query, you can take email online support from live technical experts sitting round the clock. Here is some required information that you must fill in the displaying needed space-

  1. Complete SMTP Outgoing server address: smtp.aol.com
  2. Full detailed SMTP port: 465
  3. Needed SMTP security: TLS/SSL
  4. Full SMTP username: AOL email address
  5. Appropriate SMTP password: AOL password

Setting up AOL IMAP Email Server Settings on Your System

If you want to configure IMAP settings for AOL email account on your computer system, you should do below necessary things in the appropriate ways.

  1. Mention the details about the incoming and outgoing server settings for IMAP protocol.
  2. You must enter the full email address in the displaying box ‘username’. You must sure that you’re entering full email address.
  3. You must enter your email address password in the displayed password section and check on remember password field exactly.
  4. After that, you need to go to ‘more settings’ button and then you should click on ‘advanced tab’ correctly. To configure IMAP settings for AOL email account, go to further step.
  5. Now, you should make sure that the SSL encryption has been enabled for both incoming and outgoing mail services to do work on AOL mail account.
  6. You should type the incoming server port as 993 and outgoing server port as 465. You must check carefully all the details.
  7. Finally, you must make the right click on ‘ok’ button to save the settings correctly and then, you should click on ‘next’ option to complete the set up procedure in the appropriate ways. Thus, you can configure IMAP settings for AOL email a Now, you can access your all AOL messages, files and folders.

Features that are not available on other email applications

When you have configured IMAP settings for AOL email account, you can access all AOL messages properly. In the case of accessing AOL email from any other email service, you cannot use some features that are explained below-

Message Status– You can’t recover unforeseen mails from AOL users, and you cannot check the status of delivering or sending message.

Deleted mail– Some email services don’t display removed or deleted emails. Some of them display removed emails in the real folder but they are fully marked for the removal.

Spamming– You can’t access the reporting spamming option to inform the email as spam and move it to email application’s spamming folder.


If you want to configure IMAP settings for AOL email account, you should follow above process suggested by the experts. By following above points, you can easily set up IMAP settings for AOL email account. So, you can access all AOL mail messages.

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