Office 365 Not Activating | Activate it with Product Key

Office 365 Not Activating | Activate it with Product Key

Microsoft introduced Office 365 with productive features and services to pursue your passion and run your business smoothly. Once you purchase Microsoft Office 365, you will obtain a product key containing 25-digit bar code on your email id. By entering such key, you will then only applicable to access its programs and features. But, what should do if Office 365 Not Activating with product key? It is annoying if you are all set to work with the installed Office 365 but unfortunately the products are not activated. To activate it, you are required to provide the product key.


The product key is quite helpful in renewing the subscription of your Office 365. So, if you can’t activate it with product key, contact to Email Technical Support team. You will get assistance in a right direction so easily you can make the product activated.

Why Office 365 not Activating?

  1. Office 365 may not installed properly on your updated Windows or might you have installed the older version of Microsoft Office
  2. An issue with the internet connectivity
  3. You may not sign-in with valid Office 365 subscription assigned

Efficacious Solutions for Office 365 Not Activating Issue

We have compiled the number of powerful as well as effective solutions that will help you to fix Office 365 Not Activating problem. Let’s give a glimpse into the given guidelines and follow the same:

Solution 1: Give a Valid Office 365 Subscription

It is required to validate Office 365 subscription in order to activate it. Hence, go through the below-provided instructions to do this effort-freely:

  1. First of all, open any web browser on your PC and then visit the official Office 365 portal
  2. Now, logon as an administrator
  3. Afterward, open the administrator portal and select the user with the activation issues
  4. Once you select the specific user, make sure that the correct Office 365 subscription is assigned

Solution 2: Remove Registered Office Installations

Sometimes Office 365 Not Activating when the user’s subscription is been changed. Whenever a user tries to activate an Office 365 installation the name of the device is registered. In such condition, you have to remove old registrations. Here is the direction to do the same:

  1. First, open browser on your system and visit the Office 365 portal
  2. Logon as administrator
  3. After that, select “Active Users” tab from the given list and then on the right side choose the user with the activation issue
  4. Go to the “Office Installs” section and select “Edit” button
  5. Now, you have to remove all invalid registered Office installation referring to the computer on which you are currently experiencing the error

Solution 3: Check Services and Network Connectivity

You have to give assurance that the needed services are running frequently on system. One of the services that have to run well is Network List Service. Hence, check all services that are configured correctly and start the one that is in a stopped state. You are also required to check the network configuration if Office 365 Not Activating. Correct the settings first and then try to activate Office 365 with product key.

Solution 4: Annihilate Old Office Licenses

In case, the older version of Office 365 is installed in your PC, then there is a chance for confronting activation issue even though the older licenses are yet registered. In such condition, you will have to remove the existing licenses and then enter the last 5 digits of the product key and hence execute the command to get the upgraded version of registered license. This may solve Office 365 Not Activating issue.

Solution 5: Remove Cached Credentials from The Credential Manager

Go through the guidelines instructed underneath to easily remove the cached credentials. While, it is well-known that previous cached credentials available in Microsoft Credential Manager may lead to Office 365 Not Activating issue. Let’s follow the process:

  1. First, go to the “Control Panel” and open the “Credential Manager” tab
  2. Remove all cached credentials related to Microsoft Office
  3. You may remove cached credential by expanding an individual entry and selecting Remove from Vault
  4. Repeat this step for each Microsoft Office entry separately

Solution 6: Re-install Office 365

One effective solution regarding Office 365 Not Activating issue is the reinstallation of Microsoft Office 365. Hence, install the application again appropriately following the beneath given guides:

  1. Go to “Control Panel” and select “Programs and Features” option
  2. Select Microsoft Office 365 + your edition and hit Uninstall
  3. After uninstalling Office completely from system, remove the current device from the registered Office installations in the Office portal

Therefore, you will get a chance to once again install Office 365 with the above steps.

Call at 24/7 Helpline Number to Instant Fix Office 365 Not Activating

We are a team of highly experienced and well-trained techies who work all day all night continuously to immediate provide cost-effective solution of the Office 365 related problem. So, if Office 365 Not Activating with product key, you can contact us via dialing on the given number.

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