Outlook Cannot Synchronize Subscribed Folders | Fix it

Outlook Cannot Synchronize Subscribed Folders | Fix it

Microsoft Outlook is the widespread email service preferred by endless users around the globe. It generally lets the users to configure or add external email accounts such as IMAP, Exchange, Office 365, etc. more frequently. But when configuring multiple accounts in the Outlook at the same time, Outlook may get freeze or stop functioning. It might be possible that Outlook Cannot Synchronize Subscribed Folders. In such case, when you try to configure IMAP account in Outlook, only headers will be synchronized but the subscribed folders won’t synchronized. You can consult with Email Technical Support team for the better explanation. Apart from this, this blog will also help you. Hence, you may give a glimpse of the post once and follow the given guided instructions.

In order to download all messages from the IMAP account, you are required to first set Outlook and then for attachments download, you have to open and view the synchronized folder. In case, Outlook server is not recognizing IMAP configuration for subscribed folder structure, you are suggested to look-up the guidelines listed over here.


Reasons Why Outlook Cannot Synchronize Subscribed Folders

  1. Downloading damaged or corrupt files
  2. Failed server connection error
  3. Having a damaged Outlook email account
  4. Because of malware threats or virus infection in the system
  5. Inappropriate Port number could cause Outlook Cannot Synchronize Subscribed Folders
  6. Faulty Outlook Add-ins
  7. Inappropriate configuration of Outlook email settings
  8. Corruption in PST file

Quick Solving Tips For Outlook Cannot Synchronize Subscribed Folders Error

As we discussed above the multiple likely reasons due to which one confront Outlook 2016 Cannot Synchronize Subscribed Folders error issue. We also compile the most relevant solutions by keeping in mind of its causes. So, according to its actual reason you can solve the problem. Let’s begin the fixing methods one-by-one until your problem gets solved:

Method 1: Check Your Internet Connection

First and foremost thing you need to check in order to efficiently resolve Outlook Cannot Synchronize Subscribed Folders Gmail error is your internet connectivity. You have to give assurance that your system is well-connected to internet. To freely sending or receiving any emails, it is very necessary to having a great speed of internet connection. Hence, check it out once!

Method 2: Adjust Outlook Email Account Settings

The secondly you need to focus on your Outlook Email Account Settings as it should be configured appropriately in order to access data or download any files or folders. You simply have to open your Outlook email account settings and check if the port numbers are entered correctly. In case, they are incorrect, first make correction and then let Outlook to synchronize the subscribed folders.

Method 3: Remove Duplicate Accounts

Removing the duplicate account can solve such problem. So, start doing the same:

  1. First open Outlook in your system
  2. Then, select “Tools” menu
  3. Go to “Account Settings” tab and a window will appear
  4. Navigate to “Email” and look for duplicate accounts
  5. If you there is any, give a click on “Remove” button

Method 4: Re-add Outlook Email (IMAP) Account

Try fixing Outlook Cannot Synchronize Subscribed Folders issue by merely removing and re-adding the email account. Follow the above noted instructions for removing the account and then start following the below given directions to fresh add the account:

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook on PC
  2. Click on the “File” tab
  3. On the right panel, below the current account, click “Add Account” option
  4. Enter your IMAP account login credentials such as email address, your password, and all
  5. Click “Connect” or “Next” button and then move ahead to add this account
  6. Once the IMAP account is re-added, restart Outlook application and click on the Send/Receive option

The Outlook Cannot Synchronize Subscribed Folders error may get resolved now. If not then continue:

Method 5: Delete the Messages Stuck in Outlook

If any messages are stuck in Outlook and due to which Outlook Cannot Synchronize Subscribed Folders, then immediately you need to clear the stuck emails. You have either delete or move the emails by following steps:

  1. Navigate to “Send/Receive” tab, choose the “Work Offline” mode & then after deletion disable the Work Offline mode
  2. To Move the Emails– move the emails to the draft folder either by dragging them or giving right-click on the message, then select Move >> Other Folder >> Draft sequence-wise.
  3. To Delete the Emails– right click on the message & select “Delete” button.

Method 6: Check SMTP Settings

Inappropriate configuration of SMTP Settings might be the one reason for Outlook Cannot Synchronize Subscribed Folders. Therefore, check the Outgoing server settings using the given steps:

  1. Open Outlook in Windows
  2. Go to “File” tab and select Account Settings >> Account Settings
  3. Now, navigate to “Email” tab and place double tap on your email account
  4. A new dialogue box appears, click on “More Settings” tab
  5. Select “Outgoing Server” tab & give a check-mark to the option stating ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication’
  6. Then, click “OK” to save the changes

Method 7: Run Windows with Clean Boot

Run your Windows with clean boot to check if any other installed software creates confliction in Outlook. To do this, follow the provided steps:

  1. First open your computer as system administrator
  2. Now, press “Window + R” key on your keyboard all together
  3. Type “msconfig” in the Run dialog box
  4. Now, search and select “System Configuration” in the opened wizard
  5. Go to “Services” tab and check the checkbox “Hide all Microsoft Services”, and then click “Disable all” tab
  6. Now, on the same wizard, go to “Startup” section and click “Open Task Manager”
  7. Now, select all the programs separately which you think can conflict and click “Disable” tab
  8. Then, close the task manager
  9. Restart your computer now and install Outlook again
  10. Add the email account once more and then confirm whether Outlook is been able to synchronize subscribed folders or not

Take Email Online Help For Outlook Cannot Synchronize Subscribed Folders

Don’t get frustrated! In case you have carefully applied the afore-mentioned troubleshooting methods one after another but unfortunately still facing Outlook Cannot Synchronize Subscribed Folders. You can anytime take Email Online Help from our well-qualified techies for better solution. So, place a call on provided helpline number and stay connected with tech-geeks fearlessly.

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