Outlook Calendar Not Syncing with iPhone | Fix It

Outlook Calendar Not Syncing with iPhone | Fix It

Calendar is been an integral part of everyone’s life as it reminds the upcoming events, daily work schedules, meetings, etc. However, sometimes due to technical glitches, you may have a problem with your Outlook calendar. Specially, iPhone users have complaint that their Outlook Calendar Not Syncing With iPhone and hence they willing to know why such problem happens usually with them and what are the troubleshooting tricks to fix it in the blink of an eye. So, my friend! If you are also experiencing the same problem and seeking the solution, then you finally reach to the right place. The blog posted here will gonna teach you!


Reasons Why Outlook Calendar Not Syncing With iPhone:

Though, there are multiple reasons because of experiencing Outlook Calendar Not Syncing With iPhone error. Some of the most common causes are listed below; take a brief look at once:

  1. If selecting an improper calendar when creating an event, in that case your Outlook calendar may not sync on your iPhone
  2. When not correctly data is synced to the server
  3. Maybe your Outlook account not being well-connected to an iPhone
  4. The iOS default calendar being incorrectly configured
  5. An inappropriate settings configuration of Outlook to your iPhone

Right Ways to Fix Outlook Calendar Not Syncing With iPhone

We put much effort in comprising the most relevant and proven fixing guides of the problem Outlook Calendar Not Syncing With iPhone. Therefore, despite wandering, be seated at your home and have a glimpse of the below-listed solutions which are easier and less time consuming. It’s highly suggested to all helpless candidates who got failed in solving it to work through the provided solutions in order to very effectively pinpoint the cause and correct it at the comfort of your home. Let’s begin:

Solution 1: Change the Network To Wi-Fi

For Outlook calendar to be synced properly on iPhone, the data has to be sent to the online servers first and then re-downloaded to the other device. Data syncing can be delayed when your iPhone is on a cellular connection to save data, so try to connect it to a Wi-Fi signal and hence check if that works. Go ahead in case this doesn’t fix the Outlook calendar not syncing problem.

Solution 2: Disable Airplane Mode

If Airplane Mode is enabled on your iPhone while watching a movie or during a flight, none of your data will be synced for sure, as your iPhone will not be able to connect to the relevant online servers. That’s why; if your Outlook Calendar Not Syncing With iPhone, check the Airplane Mode either it is turned on or off. If you find it enable on your device, make it disable sooner and then connect it to a cellular or Wi-Fi signal, and then after wait for a while. This may solve this error. But, if still the calendar is not syncing, continue reading.

Solution 3: Turn-off Low Power Mode

When Low Power Mode is activated on your iPhone, then most background activities including downloads and data may not be syncing between services. So, if your iPhone’s battery goes low, charge it first to disable this mode automatically. Although, you can also manually turn it off by going to the “Settings”, selecting the Battery tab and then click on Low Power Mode toggle switch. Once the mode is been disabled, your Outlook calendar may sync with iPhone.

Solution 4: Close All Apps Running on iPhone

Sometimes apps currently running on iPhone can create trouble in syncing data. That’s why, the best way to fix such issue is to close the entire application completely and then open only your Outlook Calendar app on your iPhone. It might be synced now.

Solution 5: Restart Your iPhone

Sometimes restarting the operating device is the simplest way to eradicate the most common problematic error. It even also works for resolving Outlook Calendar Not Syncing With iPhone problem. You need to shut-down the iPhone completely and then turn it back on.

Solution 6: Install The Upgraded Version Of Outlook App on iPhone

An outdated Outlook App can cause the problem Outlook calendar not syncing properly. Sometimes it is necessary to ensure that apps work properly with new iOS operating system updates. Therefore, immediately check for app updates by following the given steps:

  1. Open App Store on your iPhone
  2. Tap “Updates” button and then drag the list of apps down and release your finger
  3. If any updates are available, install it instantly and then try syncing your Outlook calendar on your device

This may work in troubleshooting such problem. But if it is not, use further solution.

Solution 7: Make Sure You Are Correctly Logged Into an Outlook Account

To check it, follow the beneath points:

  1. Go to “Settings” option on your iPhone
  2. Now, select “Passwords and Accounts” tab
  3. If Outlook isn’t available on the list of accounts, tap “Add Account” to add it successfully and then use it for syncing the calendar to get notified about the upcoming events

Solution 8: Check Your Outlook Permissions

Even if you’re properly logged in with your Outlook account but still not able to sync the calendar, most probably you may not have granted the service for full access on your iPhone. Therefore, to permit the service from being accessed, you need to follow the given instructions:

  1. Go to “Settings” section on your iPhone
  2. Select “Passwords and Accounts” option
  3. Click on Outlook and make sure the Calendars toggle switch is turned on

Solution 9: Check Your iPhone’s Default Calendar

To check it, you need to go to Settings > Calendar > Default Calendar. There may have several calendars listed in Default Calendar section including a few Outlook ones. The calendar with the check next to it is the one where new events created on your iPhone will be placed. Make sure your preferred Outlook calendar is the one that is checked.

Solution 10: Make Sure Using A Correct Calendar on iPhone

If you’re having trouble with your iPhone calendar not syncing with Exchange or Outlook, you are required to double-check how you’re making new entries within the iOS Calendar app.

While creating a new event, you need to click on Calendar tab to ensure your Outlook calendar’s name is checked. You may have been saving events to the wrong calendar due to which Outlook Calendar Not Syncing.

Solution 11: Perform a Manual iTunes Sync

If you have the latest versions of iOS and Outlook app installed on your iPhone, calendar data should be syncing via the cloud in the background. Therefore, use iTunes to sync your data. Here are the ways you should go through:

  1. First connect your iPhone to your PC via USB cable
  2. Now, open iTunes on your computer and then select Devices > iPhone > Info > Calendars > Sync calendars from > Outlook > All calendars > Apply

Avail Top-Notch Email Customer Service for Outlook Calendar Not Syncing

If you have tried-out all these aforementioned tips and tricks to sort out the problem iPhone calendar not syncing with Outlook but unfortunately none of them is worked out, then don’t feel bad! The tech-savvy will lend a hand. The only thing you should do is to put a single ring on helpline number to grab in your budget Email Customer Service at doorstep. They are experienced and highly talented so in a couple of second your Outlook calendar will start syncing on your iPhone.

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