Fixes For Yahoo Mail Keeps Crashing On iPhone And Android

Fixes For Yahoo Mail Keeps Crashing On iPhone And Android

Among the various email services, Yahoo Mail is certainly one that has amassed a huge userbase. However, it does not run all the time smoothly. Recently, many users have found that their Yahoo Mail keeps crashing on their devices. This problem can result from various causes like a glitch in the Android System Webview or excessive app data and cache. For iPhone users, the source of the problem usually lies in a bug in the device’s software. If the mail app closes immediately after opening, it’s generally because of low storage space. Irrespective of the device you are employing, you will find an effective resolution to fix your Yahoo Mail app crashing. 

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Troubleshoot Yahoo Mail Keeps Crashing Issue on Android

If you use the Yahoo Mail app daily, you must be armed with measures that you can use when it keeps crashing. The following fixes will ensure that you do not lose your productivity when you cannot access your mail.

1. Fix the Glitch in the Android System Webview

The Android System Webview is a core element of the Android operating system. It supports many third-party apps and those developed by Google. A bug in it causes the applications to malfunction. So, if you have been complaining about the Yahoo Mail app crashing on Android, you must use the latest version of Android System Webview as well as Chrome.

  • Input ‘Android System Webview‘ in the search bar of the Android Play Store.
  • Tap the first search result and choose ‘Update.’
  • Next, update Google Chrome.

2. Examine POP and IMAP Settings of Yahoo

Incorrect IMAP and POP settings will make it difficult to use Yahoo Mail properly. So, when you find that Yahoo keeps crashing, examine the POP and IMAP settings. 

  • Go to the ‘New Account‘ section of Yahoo Mail and use the settings as follows:
    1. The name of the IMAP server is imap.mail.yahoo.com.
    2. The port number is 993.
    3. TLS/SSL is needed.
    4. Your IMAP username is your Yahoo email address.
    5. Your IMAP password is your mail password.
  • After checking the IMAP server settings, it’s time to verify the SMTP settings.
    1. The name of the SMTP server is smtp.mail.yahoo.com.
    2. TLS and SSL are required.
    3. Your SMTP username is your Yahoo email address.
    4. Your SMTP password is the password of your Yahoo Mail.

3. Free Up Disk Space on Your Android Device

Usually, Yahoo Mail keeps crashing on Android is reported by those who have insufficient memory on their device. The mail app needs a specific amount of memory to function. If your Android device has low RAM or space, you’ll find that the mail will keep crashing. To fix this problem, you must delete unwanted files. 

It’s also a good idea to go through the various apps you’ve installed and uninstalled the less important ones. After uninstalling them, restart your phone and see if Yahoo Mail is working properly or not. 

4. Delete Yahoo App Data 

Clearing app data and cache is another way to enable the Yahoo app to function smoothly. The only issue with this fix is that deleting app data and cache will cause data loss. However, it has been found to be an effective fix for troubleshooting a crashing Yahoo Mail app. 

  • Navigate to your phone’s settings.
  • Tap ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Apps and Notifications.’
  • Find the Yahoo Mail app and tap ‘Enter.’
  • Choose ‘Storage‘ from the app menu. 
  • Tap it and choose ‘Clear cache.’
  • Now, choose ‘Clear data.’
  • Lastly, run your Yahoo Mail app again. 


Troubleshoot Yahoo Mail Keeps Crashing Problem on iPhone

Do you often ask the question, “Why does my Yahoo Mail keeps crashing on my iPhone?” Well, most probably, a glitch in the software of your iOS device prevents the app from functioning correctly. The obsolete operating system of the iPhone and non-updated app is also a major cause of the issue. Here are some efficient resolutions to try.

1. Refresh the Mail App

Does your Yahoo Mail app keep closing or freezing whenever you open it? Try turning mail accounts off and on to refresh it. It will troubleshoot the bug that’s behind the crashing issue.

  • Navigate to ‘Settings,’ tap ‘Mail,’ and then ‘Click Accounts.’
  • Choose the account connected with the Mail app.
  • Now pick ‘Delete Account.’
  • Confirm your action by choosing ‘Delete from my iPhone.’
  • Turn off your iPhone. Turn it on after some time.
  • Now turn on the mail.

2. Disable the Fetch New Data feature

The Fetch New Data functionality enables you to choose the frequency of your iPhone in checking for fresh emails. But if your iPhone keeps fetching new data, it will cause the Mail app to crash. So, turning off this feature is a suitable resolution to this problem.

  • Head over to ‘Settings‘ and tap ‘Mail.’
  • Next, click ‘Accounts.’
  • Choose ‘Fetch New Data.’
  • Choose the account linked with your Mail app.
  • If you find the fetch enabled, choose ‘Manual.’
  • Now, your Yahoo Mail app will not crash.

3. Offload your App

This resolution is for those who find that the issue of the problem lies within the app. Offloading the app wipes it from your iPhone. You can download it again and, in most cases, will find that the app isn’t crashing anymore. 

  • Navigate to ‘Settings‘ and tap ‘General.’
  • Choose ‘iPhone.’ 
  • Now tap the ‘Mail‘ app. 
  • Next, click ‘Offload app.’
  • Head to the Home screen and click the ‘Mail‘ app to install it again. 

4. Reset All your Settings 

Resetting the settings is usually one of the last fixes for those who find their Yahoo email crashing despite implementing the fixes above. You can reset the app with these steps.

  • Launch iPhone Settings and navigate to the ‘General‘ option.
  • Click ‘Reset iPhone or Transfer‘.
  • Click the ‘Reset’ option. 
  • Now, click the ‘Reset all settings option.
  • Give a passcode and click the ‘Reset all settings‘ option to confirm. 

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Summing Up 

You don’t need to worry now when you notice that your Yahoo Mail keeps crashing on iPhone or Android. There are numerous fixes to try. Use them to your advantage. However, if they don’t work, contact expert email technical support services. The email professionals will quickly troubleshoot the glitch causing the app to crash repeatedly. 

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