[Resolved] Yahoo Connection to Server Failed Error

[Resolved] Yahoo Connection to Server Failed Error

Yahoo is a widely popular email service provider. Many users use it to send or receive emails and store important data. But what if you decide to check an important mail and find your Yahoo account inaccessible? The situation certainly feels terrifying, but it’s not uncommon.You may encounter the Yahoo connection to server failed error in which it may feel impossible to access your Yahoo account. In such a situation, you’ll feel frustrated if you don’t have the knowledge about fixing the problem. So in this article, you’ll find the troubleshooting techniques that will help you tackle this scenario whenever it arises.

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Reasons for the Yahoo Connection to Server Failed Error?

There are many reasons behind the server’s failed error. Here are all the possible causes why you may be facing this problem. 

  • Your system has incorrect IMAP or POP settings.
  • Your computer isn’t compatible with SSL encryption.
  • There’s an issue with your iOS or Android Yahoo Mail application. 
  • A problem associated with login data can also make you experience this issue. 

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Fix the Yahoo Connection to Server Failed Error?

Before going ahead with fixing the Yahoo Mail connection to the server failed error, it’s best to back up your phone’s data. Now, you can safely proceed with the troubleshooting mentioned below. 

1. Re-Enter Account Username and Password 

iOS users typically report this problem when they have modified their email passwords. You can re-enter your account information to fix it. 

  • Navigate to ‘Settings.’
  • Go down and click ‘Mail.’
  • Now, choose ‘Accounts.’
  • Click on the suitable account. 
  • Choose ‘Delete account.’ Now, confirm this action by clicking ‘Delete from my iPhone.’
  • Return to the Accounts page, and choose ‘Add Account.’
  • Select your email account provider. In this case, it’s Yahoo!. Now log into it. 
  • Tap’ Save.’
  • Now, return to your mail client and view your email. It should show all the newest messages in your mailbox. 

2. Fix the Problem in Your Login Info 

An error in the login information usually results in the connection to server’s failed error message. So, the best way to fix it is to modify your Yahoo password. It’s not difficult to reset your password. You can do it efficiently with the help of the sign-in helper.

  • Go over to the sign-in helper. Click this link for it.
  • After that, input one of the account recovery items.
  • Next, tap ‘Continue.’
  • Now you are required to go by the instructions listed in the sign-in helper.

You can also change your password for your mobile or desktop web browser. The steps to do it are as follows:

  1. Firstly, head over to the ‘Account Security‘ page of Yahoo.
  2. Next, hit the ‘Change password button.
  3. After that, input a fresh password. 
  4. Lastly, click ‘Continue.’

Steps to Change the Password for Mobile App Users

Mobile app users can head over to the ‘Manage Accounts’ section. Now you can follow these instructions.

  • From there, tap ‘Account Info‘ followed by ‘Security Settings.’ 
  • Then input the security code and hit ‘Change Password.’ 
  • Now click ‘I would rather change my password.’ 
  • Enter the new one and tap ‘Continue.’

3. Use the Correct IMAP and POP Settings

Often, you may complain of seeing the connection to server failed Yahoo error because of incorrect incoming and outgoing mail server settings. The proper server settings are given below. You must use them exactly as they are. 

Incoming Mail Server (IMAP and POP)

  • imap.mail.yahoo.com or IMAP is the server name. pop.mail.yahoo.com is the incoming mail server for those who use the POP protocol. 
  • 993 is the IMAP port number, and 995 is the POP port number.
  • SSL is required for authentication. 

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)

  • smtp.mail.yahoo.com is the outgoing mail server name. 
  • 587 is the port number for TLS-type security.
  • 465 is the port number for SSL-type security.
  • SSL or TLS is needed for authentication by users. 

4. Unblock the Ports

It has also been seen that firewalls and ani-virus programs block the ports of the mail server and cause Yahoo email connection to server failed error. The easiest troubleshooting, in this case, is to unblock the ports. After unblocking, you can check if you can access your Yahoo account like before.

5. Fix the Connection to Server Failed Error in the Android Device

If you are encountering this error in your Android mobile, try adding and removing Yahoo Mail. It will resolve this problem. 

  • To add a Yahoo Mail account, open the email application and pick ‘Yahoo Mail.’
  • Now give your complete email ID and tap ‘Next.’
  • Type your password and hit ‘Next.’
  • To remove the account, go to ‘Settings‘ and tap ‘Accounts.’
  • Now touch the ‘Email‘ option followed by your Yahoo account.
  • Hit ‘Remove Account.’
  • Tap this option again to confirm.

6. Resolve the Connection to Server Failed Error in iPhone

iPhone users dealing with Yahoo connection to server failed error should also try deleting their account and adding it back. The steps to do so consist of the following.

  • Firstly, check that you have the current server settings for your account. 
  • After reviewing the settings, remove the mail account from your phone. 
  • Go to ‘Settings‘ and pick ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars.’
  • Click your account and select the ‘Delete account option. 
  • Now, choose ‘Delete‘ to remove your Yahoo Mail account. 
  • Head over to ‘Settings.’ From there, choose ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars.’
  • Now, select ‘Add account‘ followed by choosing ‘Yahoo.’
  • Type in the relevant information in all the given fields. Then, click ‘Next.’
  • Lastly, tap ‘Save.’

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Some Things to Check for Fixing the Connection Failed Error

Apart from the measures above, you should also check some important things. They are as follows.

  • Thoroughly check your internet connection and ensure that it is stable.
  • Restart your phone and see if the error gets resolved. 
  • You can also connect with your network administrator to check if there are any server issues. 
  • A factory reset of your phone can also fix the error. 

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Final Thoughts

Now, when you notice the Yahoo connection to server failed error, you won’t feel upset. Fixing the issues in login information, removing and re-adding your email accounts, and unblocking the ports are some simple ways to tackle this error. However, connect with email technical support experts if you want speedy resolutions or don’t have time to implement the measures. They are available to guide and help you all seven days of the week.

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