Know What to Do If Your Hotmail is Not Receiving Emails

Know What to Do If Your Hotmail is Not Receiving Emails

Hotmail used to be an amazing email service provider which had no issues. However, since the time it merged with Outlook people started to face some issues regarding the same. Hotmail not receiving emails is one of the most common issues that people started facing. If you are one of those then you are at the right place as we are here to help you out.

Some other common problems are:

  1. Problems with the email filters
  2. The browser is unable to completely load the folders
  3. Emails have been redirected to a different account
  4. IMAP/pop or exchanges are not set up in a proper manner
  5. Problems related to Network or security

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Solutions to Fix Hotmail not Receiving Emails Problem

Are you asking yourself why am I not receiving emails on Hotmail? If yes then this is where you are supposed to be. We will be sharing a number of methods with you that you can use at your convenience to get rid of the problem.

1. Check the Browser

If your browser is unable to get the new emails from Hotmail, you can log in to the account on a different browser. Now check if you can see new emails there or not?

If you can find the new emails then you are required to change these settings to your existing browser.

  1. Clean up your web browser by deleting all cookies and cache data
  2. Check for updates of the browser plugins
  3. Update the browser too

Once you do it, if the browser is still not able to load the new emails then you can factory reset it and then reload the account to fix Hotmail not receiving some emails problem.

2. See the Junk Email Folder

If Hotmail is not receiving emails in the inbox folder then have a look at the junk folder. If you can find the new emails in the junk folder, kindly adjust these junk mail rules.

  1. Sign in to your Hotmail account via the outlook website
  2. Click on the ‘settings’ icon and click on ‘view all outlook settings
  3. Choose the ‘junk email’ option from the left menu
  4. Click on the ‘delete button’ to eliminate all domains that are available in the junk list and hit ‘save’

Once you have modified the junk rules, you should go to the junk folder and move new emails into the inbox.

3. Check the Email Filters

If you can’t receive emails into the Hotmail inbox then do review other folders in your mailbox as well.

Try this if new emails are appearing in the mail or other folders.

  1. Go to the ‘outlook mail settings’ on your outlook once again
  2. Navigate to the option that says ‘rules
  3. Click on the ‘delete’ button available right next to the rules
  4. Now, click on ‘Save

4. Have a look at the Status of the Server

At times, users have to undergo this issue of not receiving emails on the Hotmail account because of the server failure issue. When outlook servers are added with the heavy mail traffic or some updates are in process.

It might not respond for some time if you take any action in your email accounts and it won’t proceed effectively. Therefore, you should also check the Hotmail server status if the server is down. You should wait until it is up and running.

5. Tweak the Filter

Some Hotmail users can’t receive new emails in the inbox because they have not set the filter of  ‘get the newest email’.

Maybe, by mistake, they have selected the oldest on top filter type by mistake. Because of this reason, the inbox specifies the previous emails on top. There, be sure that you are similarly not restating the same mistakes on your Hotmail/Outlook account. Follow these steps for the same:

  1. Open the ‘inbox
  2. Click on ‘filters’, and go to ‘sort
  3. Choose the option that says ‘newest on top

6. Remove Email Forwarding

Hotmail users might not be getting the emails because of the forwarding error. It might be a possibility that you have permitted the forwarding by blunder. To disable it, use these points:

  1. Visit the ‘outlook settings
  2. Click on ‘forwarding
  3. Fill in the Hotmail password and click the ‘sign in’ button
  4. If you see any email address in the forwarding list then kindly delete it.

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Try this if you can’t receive emails on Hotmail using the windows mail and outlook app!

1. Internet connection problem – You can review the WAN (internet) connection in your system. Maybe, your program isn’t able to get into the net. That is the reason why you have to send and receive an error on the app.

2. Restrict the security programs – Sometimes; the apps cannot receive the emails from the outlook account because of the security issue. You can turn off the computer security apps, which include firewall, antivirus, and proxies, and then begin the send/receive process.

3. Check the mail password – You can’t receive emails on your Hotmail account because it keeps asking you to enter the password? You should change the login key for the mail account from the settings.

4. Verify the server settings – You should also see if the Hotmail server settings for IMAP/pop 3 servers are correct or not. The information should match the following:

  1. IMAP server name-
  2. Port- 993
  3. Authentication type – SSL
  4. POP3 server name-
  5. Port no – 995
  6. Authentication type- SSL
  7. SMTP server name-
  8. port no- 465 or 25
  9. Authentication type- optional


A solution to Fix Hotmail not Receiving Emails with Attachments

If you are unable to receive emails on Hotmail with an attachment then change these settings on the account.

  1. Empty the junk folders – Firstly, you need to clean up the junk & spam mail folder. Keep it clean so new emails can come.
  2. The attachment doesn’t have the required extension – The attachment might have an incorrect extension that is not supported by outlook and it signifies suspicious activity.
  3. The file size is too big – The attachment has a big file so it is wise to ask the sender to send you a small file along with the attachment.
  4. Check the email rules – If you have consigned any rule for the email that has attachments then do terminate them. To do that, you have to go to the outlook settings and select the rule. Now, delete the rule and check again.


Do this if Hotmail is not Receiving Emails from Gmail

You might not be receiving emails Hotmail from Gmail due to two main reasons. The first might be because of the email filters. You should ensure that you have not established some rules for the Gmail domain name. For that, you need to open the settings and click on email rules. If you come across any rule regarding Outlook then simply delete it.

The second reason could be Outlook Connect. If you are using the Gmail account on the outlook application then you might not have configured it properly. You can go to ‘why does Gmail won’t connect to the outlook’ for more help and take the necessary steps.

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Using these steps will surely help you to fix Hotmail not receiving errors. If there is anything else that you require assistance with then all you need to do is connect with the Email Support Service and the experts will handle everything.

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