Learn To Setup Microsoft Office 365 on iPhone and Android

Learn To Setup Microsoft Office 365 on iPhone and Android

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based application that lets you run programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, more on devices. In fact, you can access it only when you properly Setup Microsoft Office 365 on iPhone and Android. However, it is quite essential to subscribe to any Microsoft Office plans as per your requirement. This will allow you to view documents, create or edit files using your Word, Excel, or PowerPoint apps. The features and files are available to you depending on the plan you purchase for Microsoft Office 365. In this guide, we will instruct you the right procedure for setting it up on your device. Therefore, read carefully and learn!


How to Setup Office 365 Email on iPhone?

When you have a subscription to Office 365; you can distribute it with 5 additional people to use it. Each person has to sign in with their own Microsoft account and Setup Office 365 Email on iPhone or other devices. After the successfully setup of MS Office 365, you can view, edit, or create documents, files, or content.

Required Steps to Setup Office 365 Email on iPhone

Go through the steps mentioned underneath in order to Setup Office 365 Email on iPhone most efficiently:

  1. First and foremost, on your iPhone home screen, tap the “Settings” tab.
  2. Click on the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” option.
  3. Thereafter, click the “Add Account” tab to Add Office 365 Email to iPhone.
  4. Then, click “Exchange”.
  5. And then, type your Office 365 email address and password into the given field.
  6. After entering login credentials, press the “Next” tab.
  7. Afterward, wait for a moment to show verified.
  8. Once the details are verified, select the services you want to sync to your iPhone. You can select the preferred options by toggling the button from left to right.
  9. Now, feel free to open the mail app on your iPhone to view your newly added mail account. Your Calendar will visible under the Calendar App, Contacts will be visible under the Contacts app.

This is how you can Setup Microsoft Office 365 on iPhone. Moreover, if you’re prompted to generate a passcode, simply click Continue and type alphanumeric keys. If you don’t set up a passcode, you won’t be able to view your email account on your iPhone. You can however set up a passcode later in your iPhone settings.

Required Steps to Setup Office 365 Email on Android Phone

Here’s the accurate way to Setup Office 365 Email on Android. So, let’s go through one by one provided steps:

  1. First and foremost, select the native mail client from the Applications menu on your device. Android Mail apps may look different on several versions of Android. So, choose it accordingly.
  2. Then, place a click on “Add a New Account.”
  3. Now, type your complete Email Address and correct Password into the given field.
  4. After that, select the “Sign In” tab.
  5. Now, select “Microsoft Exchange Active Sync” for Account Type.
  6. Now, enter the following account information:
  • Domain/Username: Type your full email address in the given box.
  • User name: Your username is your email address.
  • Password: Enter the password that you use to access your account.
  • Exchange Server: Use the address of your Exchange Server.
  1. After providing all these details, press the “Next” button.
  2. Once the server information is received and your phone verifies the server settings, the Account Options screen will appear.
  3. The options are available as per the Android version you are using. In general, the following options you can see:
  • Email checking frequency: The default value is set to “Automatic”. When you choose this option, email messages will be sent to your phone as they arrive.
  • Amount to synchronize: This identifies the number of mail you want to keep on your Android phone. You can choose from several time-duration options, including One day, Three days, and One week.
  • Notify me when email arrives: When you choose this option, the mobile phone will notify you after receiving a new email message.
  • Sync contacts from this account: If you select this option, your full contacts will be synchronized between your phone and your email account.
  1. After you have done with the customize settings for your device, select “Next.”
  2. Thereafter, type a name for this account and the name you want to display it while sending emails to others.
  3. Now, click “Done” to end-up the Setup Office 365 Email on Android Phone.
  4. Now, try an update Security Settings.
  5. Your Message, Calendar, and Contact data are ready to work and populate.

Now, you can frequently start using your account as the Setup Microsoft Office 365 on iPhone and Android gets done.

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