Outlook not Showing Attachments When I Open Email

Outlook not Showing Attachments When I Open Email

Microsoft Outlook is a platform where one can consecutively send a message to his co-workers and receive emails from them. Not only mails or messages to be sent or received but also files should be attached in Outlook email. Sometimes, it is hard to upload a file and even also view the attached file received in an email. However, many reasons are responsible for the Outlook Not Showing Attachments problem and also have various methods to solve it. So, here in this blog, you will learn how to visible the attachments in Outlook. Read to know!


Why can’t Attach Files to Email in Outlook?

For attaching the files in Outlook email, there are specific rules you should follow. So, whenever you are unable to attach files to your email or facing difficulties while attaching files, follow these suggestions:

  1. Make sure the file size is not too large.
  2. Ensure the file you are trying to upload is not defective.
  3. Compress the attachment in a ZIP file.
  4. You need to change sharing preferences as well.
  5. You should also change or update the web browser.

Now, you can upload your important files in email and send them to your executives. But a big problem you usually confront is attachments are not showing in Outlook. Here, you will get to know why it happens and how to eradicate the problem soon.

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What Leads to Outlook not Showing Attachments?

There are always some boundaries and relaxations for Outlook users to load files and download attached files. So, when you cross the limit or do a single mistake, Outlook will not let you upload/download files. Although, the list of possible causes for which you can’t View Attachments in Outlook is noted below:

  1. When there is a problem associated with the Outlook application settings, your antivirus programs, or device limitations.
  2. A poor or overloaded internet connection can also cause Outlook not loading Attachments
  3. Downloading multiple files at one time can also create same trouble.
  4. Accessing other internet-intensive apps could also prevent you from seeing the attachments in Outlook.

Solutions to Fix Outlook Not Showing Attachments Problem

Due to having a lack of technical skills, you may not fix the Outlook Not Showing Attachments issue. So, here, we provide you some fruitful techniques to resolve such an error problem in a minute. Let’s go through one by one unless you can show attachments in Outlook:

Solution 1: Check with the Sender

The sender most probably not uploaded the files accurately, or he/she may forget to add the files to the email. It’s also possible that the sender emails you a link to the file despite attaching it. Because of this problem, you can’t open Attachments in Outlook. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to send a message to your sender asking him to try sending the files again. When he/she will send you a proper and perfect file, you can hassle-freely open the attachments, for sure. If it doesn’t work in solving your problem then continue.

Solution 2: Glance on the Paperclip Icon

If you can’t figure out Outlook Not Showing Attachments or uploading an attachment in Outlook problem, don’t worry. Simply give a glimpse of the paperclip icon. Whether you need to select New Message or New Email in your Outlook, the file attachment option always appears. The option will be shown as a paperclip icon above and below the email compose box.

Solution 3: Drag and Drop Files

Instead of selecting the files while composing your email, you can drag and drop them from your operating device. So, for whatever reasons you can’t View Attachments in Outlook dragging dropping your files will be your one-stop solution. Therefore, just locate the files you wish to attach in your email and drag it into the email compose box. This simple action takes a second to attach files to an Outlook email. Try it out as soon as you can and check whether you can see the attachments in your Outlook email. If yet not, apply further solutions.

Solution 4: Make Use Of The Pop-out Option

If you want to view attachments in an email that you received from the recipient, select Pop-Out in the message compose box. This is the right way you can examine the original email and attachments in your Outlook. Therefore, let’s see and download the attachments even when you compose your message in a separate window. If you still experience any problem, continue to the next solution.

Solution 5: Reload Outlook

If you can’t open Attachments in Outlook for any purpose, close Outlook immediately. And thereafter, re-open your Outlook precisely and then view the file again added in your email. Reloading the Outlook can enforce the program to re-download the files directly from the server.

Solution 6: Check Your Internet Connection

When the internet connection is poor or weak, there is a possibility of Outlook Not Loading Attachments. So, if you’re currently offline or the system has weak internet, the attachments probably won’t load at any cost. Thus, confirm that the device is well-connected to the internet and then try opening the email again.

Solution 7: Choose Show All

While reading emails on Outlook.com, you might have noticed that you can’t see all photo attachments in a message. This is usually happening if the images don’t fill up the entire screen. That’s why; you need to select the arrow icon under the visible photos with Show all to view them all.

Solution 8: Deactivate Your Antivirus Software

Antivirus software has the power to protect your necessary data and secure your PC from threats or viruses. Equally, it prevents email clients from loading attachments properly in Outlook email. This is however a good thing since email attachments can contain computer viruses and malware. But they can also sometimes block genuine useful files. Thus, disable your antivirus program temporarily and then try uploading or seeing the attachments.

Solution 9: Rename the Attachment’s File Extension

Microsoft Outlook blocks attachments having an executable file type such as EXE files. However, you can open a blocked attachment file in Outlook just by renaming the file extension in Windows Registry. This can resolve an Outlook Not Showing Attachments issue.

Solution 10: Use a File Sharing Service

Outlook limits the size of the file to 20 MB by default. Thus, if you can’t View Attachments in Outlook, it means it extends the file size from its limitation. Don’t panic if you need to send large files like movies, software, or entire photo albums but unfortunately unable to do so. There is a file sharing service like OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive you can avail for uploading large files attachments.

Solution 11: Request Changes to Your Outlook Security Settings

If you access Outlook in a workplace environment, the security settings probably block attachments. These settings can be affected specifically for those who are using Outlook via Exchange Server. If possible, ask the administrator or tech support team to configure the security settings suitably. Now, you can attempt opening/adding the Outlook attachments in an email to check for the Outlook Not Showing Attachments issue.

Solution 12: Use a Messaging App to Load Files

No doubt Email is the most common way to send files to one another. But messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat are also alternative methods for the same. So, if Attachments Are Not Showing In Outlook, you can just share the files using any of these applications.

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