[Fixed] Microsoft Outlook not Implemented Error

[Fixed] Microsoft Outlook not Implemented Error

If there is an indicative issue with MS Outlook then when you click on the send/receive button, you will likely face the Microsoft Outlook not implemented error.

However, there is nothing to worry about as it can be fixed easily.

Most of the times, Outlook stays clear of the errors but there are nothing that can’t be fixed.

Even though the non implemented error in the outlook is unusual, it still happens. If you are facing it right now and have no idea about it then you are in the right place.


Reasons that result in Microsoft Outlook not implemented

You are most likely to come across ‘Microsoft Outlook not implemented’ when you click on send/receive or try to perform a Reply / Reply All / Forward operation on the Windows 10/8/7 systems. The reasons could be:

  1. Out of order Outlook Add-ins
  2. Messed up Send/Receive Settings (Broken SRS file)
  3. Inappropriate Amalgamation of Outlook with Anti-virus program
  4. Spoiled Outlook Profile
  5. Broken Outlook Installation
  6. Fraudulent Outlook PST file

Methods to fix Microsoft Outlook not implemented error

Method 1: Start Outlook in safe mode

While Outlook add-ins are installed to supplement its functionality, more often than not they have been known to be a reason behind the problems. Tapped or corrupted add-ins can obstruct the proper working of Outlook and Microsoft Outlook not implemented error is just one of the many ill-effects that is caused. Therefore, disable any add-ins you may have installed in your MS Outlook application initially:

  1. Start Outlook in safe mode by entering the command ‘outlook /safe’ in the Windows ‘Run’ box and hit the Enter key. This will launch Outlook for all add-ins restricted.
  2. Go to Outlook Options, click on ‘Add-ins’ and then on ‘Go’. This will open up a dialogue box with the list of all the installed add-ins. Uncheck all add-in names in order to inactivate them.
  3. Now click on send/receive, or reply/forward to see if this works or not.

Begin to enable the add-ins one at a time and then re-check send/receive or reply/forward every time to spot the defective add-in.

Method 2: Make a correction in the send/receive settings

MS Outlook protects your preferences and personal Send / Receive settings in a file which is known as the SRS file. This damaged file is one of the most understandable reasons behind the Outlook error code ‘not implemented’. Therefore, reset all SRS file settings by re-forming it:

  1. Go to the folder ‘C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook\’
  2. Rename the files Outlook. Srs to something else like Outlook. Srs.1
  3. Restart Outlook to re-form the SRS file mechanically
  4. Check if send/receive works now

Method 3: Deactivate antivirus

While having proper anti-virus protection is suggested, sometimes, such applications are organized to scan all the emails that are being sent and received.

This can lead to delay, hanging or disruption of the send/receive process. Therefore, inactivating the anti-virus setting that scans outgoing and incoming emails is a good way to fix Microsoft Outlook not implemented error.

Method 4: Make your profile from the scratch

One of the reasons behind the Outlook not implemented error is a faulty Outlook profile. You can use these steps to recreate a new profile to resolve the issue:

  1. Go to the Control Panel and click on the ‘Mail’ tab
  2. Click to ‘Show Profiles’
  3. Click the option that says ‘Add’ button to create a new profile
  4. Set up your account manually or automatically as per your preference

Method 5: Fix the MS Office installation

It is quite a possibility that the MS Office installation might have triggered Microsoft Outlook not implemented error. Therefore, reinstalling Office is also a feasible option. You can do it by using these steps:

  1. Click on Control Panel and then choose ‘Uninstall Programs’
  2. Select Microsoft Office and click on the option of ‘Change’ button
  3. In the following window, select “Repair” and click to ‘Continue’

Please note that if you are using Outlook 2019 or Outlook 2016 then you might need to perform an Online Repair or Quick Repair.

Method 6: Fix the corrupted Outlook PST

If nothing seems to work in your favor then it might because of a corrupted PST file. Therefore, you can repair it. You can do it in either of the 2 ways that we will be sharing with you. They are:

1. Use ScanPST.exe

Microsoft Outlook comes with an inbuilt Inbox repair utility which is named as ScanPST.exe to find and repair slight corruptions in Outlook PST file. This utility is located within the Office installation folder and can be launched by clicking on it twice. It is an enormously helpful way of solving PST related errors when nothing else seems to work. Launch it and follow the directions to repair PST. However, you should remember that this utility will fail to deliver results if the Outlook PST has been damaged beyond repair.

2. Use stellar repair for Outlook

If you can’t get rid of Microsoft Outlook not implemented error even after using ScanPST.exe then you should know that your Outlook PST file is harshly broken. Therefore, evade wasting any more time and resort to the most successful solution for the not implemented outlook error- Stellar Repair for Outlook. It has been backed by powerful scanning and repairing algorithms and this will surely repair the PST file.

We hope that we were able to help you to get rid of the Microsoft Outlook not implemented error. If you require more assistance then feel free to get in touch with the Email Customer Service for a better solution.

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