How to Fix Outlook Folders not Showing in Outlook 2013, 2016?

How to Fix Outlook Folders not Showing in Outlook 2013, 2016?

Undoubtedly, the situation when you discover that some of your Outlook folders are not showing can be very daunting. It could be a slight technical issue or a relatively common problem that can be resolved with a proper understanding of the issue and the right techniques.

Here in this article, we will learn how to find missing folders when Outlook folders not showing, and retrieve them in Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, and Outlook for Microsoft 365.


Causes for Missing Outlook Folders

There could be a number of reasons that cause Outlook folders not showing in the mailbox. You can connect with email technical help for an instant solution from the experts or follow the solutions given in the article to troubleshoot the issue. Here is a list of causes given below.

  1. The hidden outlook folders are not shown
  2. The folders are accidentally deleted by the user
  3. There is sync up issue with the server
  4. The personal folder file is damaged

Quick Fix to Outlook Folders Not Showing Issue

Here are quick and basic fixes that might bring the oversight folders in front. Try all the steps one by one to get all the missing folders in place.

Step 1: Make sure you are not missing any folders behind the small triangle icons used to minimize the folder panes. Outlook has this amazing features to keep folders nested to one another. So, this might hide some of your folders from your first sight. Click on the small triangle on the side to reveal all the folders.

Step 2: The second common accident that happens is when users delete their important folders by inadvertently. Luckily, all the deleted folders can be found in the Deleted Items folder or the trash folder. You can easily retrieve it by checking the trash in your Outlook program.

Step 3: Try retrieving the deleted folder from the server. When users delete the entire folder from the Deleted items folder also, they can retrieve some of the recoverable files, messages that were in the folder from the Recoverable Items folder on the server.

Note: This feature doesn’t allow you to retrieve the complete email folder. However, you can successfully retrieve some of the important emails present in that folder.

Step 4: The fourth option you have is to repair your Outlook program when it is not syncing properly with the servers. This may cause Outlook folder not showing issue as some of the folders on the server might not sync properly on the desktop. Users must use the built-in repair tool to fix the improper syncing issue.

Step 5: Use Outlook Inbox Repair Tool to fix the Outlook personal folder file followed by the .pst extension. At times this file is corrupted and it causes the loss of some folders. Fixing this file with the repair tool and helps users in recovering the missing folders as well.

Step 6: Every company advises its users to create a backup of their files, emails, and folders somewhere safe on the server or in a hard drive so that whenever your data or emails are lost, you can retrieve it easily by restoring your backup. So, if you have created a real-time backup you might have a strong chance to recover the emails in the Outlook folder not showing.

Step 7: Check for weak network connections or damaged signals. Sometimes, slow internet connections do not allow email services to load properly. They can cause certain issues like-

  • Emails might load slowly
  • Outlook emails might not be able to load at all
  • Emails don’t show attachments
  • The folders might appear empty
  • The files in the folders are not opening properly.

However, all of the basic issues listed above might go into thin air with a stable and strong network connection. So, restore your network connections and make sure your system is getting proper network connectivity. This will also restart the syncing of emails between the server and the system and your missing folders will appear properly.

Step 8: If the instance of missing emails or folders often occur with your outlook profile or you miss out on your new emails, you must repair your Outlook profile. This is not a common occurrence with Outlook profiles so you must consider giving it a thought.


The solutions given above are sure fire ways to fix the Outlook folder not showing issue. In case none of the above solutions is able to retrieve your missing emails, reach out for Email Technical Help. The team will help you in understanding the issue more clearly and give you the best possible solution in order to recover your emails.

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