How to a Fix Outlook Not Showing Teams Status or Missing Teams Presence?

How to a Fix Outlook Not Showing Teams Status or Missing Teams Presence?

Microsoft has been quite particular with its product-line and keeps launching them one after the another. One such development or precisely an integration was of Microsoft Teams & Outlook email. Using this combination, the users can share their conversations between Outlook email and Microsoft Teams by simply clicking over the share button.

Oh! Your Outlook not showing Teams status? Or is the checkbox against Team is ticked but still “Display online status” is greyed out in Outlook? Well, that’s a pretty common problem that most users come across. But now it won’t be a problem anymore, as here we have prepared a quick go-through guide for you to fix the Outlook-Teams integration. You can simply follow these steps one-by-one and get the Microsoft Teams presence status problem resolved. However, if you don’t want to invest your time in following these instructions, then immediately get in touch with Email Support experts and let them fix it.

What to do When my Outlook not Showing Teams Status?

Step 1: Turn on the toggle “Allow Scheduling Private Meetings”

In these steps, you will need to enable the private meetings option by switching on the Allow Scheduling for Private Meetings. Here is how to do it.

  1. First of all, open the Microsoft Teams for Business Admin Center.
  2. On the left side console, click the Meetings
  3. Now select Meeting Policies.
  4. Under the General section, toggle on the Allow scheduling private meetings.
  5. Now you can relaunch the Outlook client and then verify if the Microsoft Teams status not showing the problem has been resolved or not. If it’s still there then you should check the firewall and security settings.


Step 2: Temporarily disable the firewall and security settings

If your system is installed with a third-party firewall, it could become a trouble maker by blocking the network connection. Temporarily disabling it, can revive the Outlook not showing Teams status problem. You can simply access your antivirus program’s setting and deactivate it. However, if your system is protected by Windows default firewall, then follow the below steps to deactivate it.

  1. Firstly, click the Start button and select Settings.
  2. Now choose the Update and Security
  3. On the left-hand side pane, click Windows Security.
  4. Now hit the Firewall and Network Protection
  5. Click the Activate Network
  6. Lastly, you should turn off the toggle switch against the Firewall network protection.


After disabling the firewall, you may verify if the Microsoft Teams missing presence in Outlook problem has been resolved. If you are able to access the Microsoft Teams add-in for Outlook, then later on you can reactivate the firewall and security settings.

Step 3: Keep the same user profile for Outlook and Microsoft Teams

That’s the most basic troubleshooting, however, the most ignored one as well. You should make sure to use a single user profile for both the Microsoft Teams and Outlook email.

Simply navigate to the profile section of both the applications, set the user profile to the same, and check for any improvements in Outlook not showing Teams status.

The problem should resolve now or else you need to manually enable the Team add-in in Outlook.

Step 4: Manually activate the add-in in Microsoft Outlook client

  1. Open the Outlook
  2. Now click the File tab and click the Options
  3. On the left-hand window, click the Add-in
  4. Now under the Active Application Add-ins list, locate the Microsoft Teams Meetings Add-in for Microsoft Office and verify the Add-in is activated.
  5. Finally, click OK to save the settings.


Alternate Solutions to Fix Outlook Not Showing Teams Status

If still the Microsoft Teams not showing online status in Outlook then you will need to do a few tweaks on Microsoft Teams as well as Outlook. Let’s have a look at alternate solutions you need to consider.

A quick tip: Run Microsoft Teams as an administrator and run Outlook in normal user mode. Check below for details

  1. Ensure to install and run the Microsoft Teams app as an administrator. This minor tweak will help you install the add-in on your computer that requires administrator privileges.
  2. Another way to fix it is running Outlook in Normal user mode. Running Outlook as an administrator may create trouble in identifying the registered COM add-ins.
  3. Once your download the Teams app, you need to make sure to sign in to the app at least once.
  4. Finally, restart the Teams app and then restart Outlook. The missing Teams presence in Outlook should resolve.

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Still, your Outlook not showing Teams status? Get instant resolution on call

Well, in most cases the users are able to resolve the Microsoft Teams not showing online status in Outlook. That may be due to a minor technical glitch or misconfigured settings on Outlook or Teams. However, if you still find trouble dealing with the problem then you should immediately contact the email support experts and get the solution on call.

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