Yahoo Mail Attachments Not Showing? Try These 9 Solutions

Yahoo Mail Attachments Not Showing? Try These 9 Solutions

Yahoo is one of the widely used email services that people use daily for personal and professional work. Despite the fact it is popular, that doesn’t mean Yahoo is glitch-free. Of course, there can be problems with your Yahoo email attachments, file opening, receiving emails, and more. In general, users often face yahoo mail attachments not showing or opening problems.

Howsoever, email attachments can contain invoices, memos, and other crucial business documents. So, we cannot ignore to get the attachments that won’t open in Yahoo Mail problem exterminated from the root. In this write-up, we have compiled the basic troubleshooting methods to sort out this specific error issue. Hence, keep on reading carefully.

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Reasons for Yahoo Mail Attachments Not Showing Problem

A sender sends you an email included with a file attachment but, when trying hard to open the attachments, it, unfortunately, doesn’t open. This can be horrible as of now you need to download and open the attachments. Let’s first locate why the Attachment Not Appearing In Yahoo Mail.

  • Using an outdated browser to access a Yahoo account
  • Poor internet connection
  • Have exceeded the file size limit for the Yahoo Mail attachments.
  • Security Software may be blocking the attachments to open.
  • Faulty add-ons can also lead to the attachments not showing problems.
  • Problem with the name of the file could also result in attachments not showing.

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Solutions for ‘Yahoo Mail Attachments Not Showing’ Problem

There are numerous ways you can try to fix the Yahoo mail not showing attachments problem. So, we have compiled all the possible methods that may effectively assist you in resolving such an annoying error. All you are required to do is to just implement the below-noted fixes one by one till your attachments open in your Yahoo Mail. Let’s begin!

1. Restart Your Operating System

Firstly, Restart your operating device as restarting the system is enough for stopping the most common problems. Therefore, first, restart your PC and thereafter download the attachments received in your Yahoo Mail account. If still, you have attachments not showing problems in Yahoo, continue fixing them with the next solving tips.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

However, poor or unstable internet connections can create a hindrance in opening or showing Yahoo Mail Attachments. Thus, before doing anything else, check the speed of your internet connection. Make sure your Windows PC on which you access Yahoo Mail has a strong network connection. If your system has a bad network connection, you won’t be able to see the preview of Yahoo Mail attachments. Move to the next solving tips if even after having a strong connection, Attachment Not Appearing In Yahoo Mail.

3. Check that Browser is Up-to-date

You are extensively required to give assurance that the browser you are using for Yahoo Mail is up to date. Otherwise, you can face this problem. If the browser is outdated, then upgrade it to the latest released version and then log in to your Yahoo account. If this also didn’t work, move to the next solution.

4. Install Adobe Reader For PDF File

If the file attached in your Yahoo Mail is in PDF format, then before downloading the file, install Adobe Reader. Unless the Adobe Reader software is installed in your computer system, you cannot open the Yahoo Mail Attachments. Therefore, for PDF attachments, it is highly required to install the updated version of the Adobe Reader application program. If, even after this, the attachments do not show, execute the next solution.

5. Disable The Plugin or Add-ons

If none of the above-said solutions work, this time, simply disable the add-ons or plugins of your browser. Doing this will be 100% confirmed that nothing is interfering with opening the Yahoo Mail attachment.

6. Make Sure Yahoo App is Up-to-Date

If you are still experiencing the Yahoo mail not showing attachments problem, immediately check the Yahoo Mail app installed on your PC. Make sure that the Yahoo app is already upgraded with the latest released and there is no internal glitch.

7. Disable Antivirus or Firewall Protection

The security or firewall protection program installed in the operating device could be blocking the ability to download attachments. Thus, for a successful download of a Yahoo email attachment; turn off these programs for a couple of minutes. Add an exception to both programs so that you can download and open attachments.

8. File Restrictions

When attaching files in a Yahoo email, make sure that you have not used any special characters such as slashes, hashtags, and dollar signs. For example, a file name like @*&#^ would not be acceptable, it’s guaranteed. Thus, if there are any punctuation marks or other symbols in your file name, immediately remove them.

9. Check The Size Limit Of File Attachment

There is a 25MB file size limit for Yahoo email attachments. Thus, if it exceeds its specific limit, you cannot attach files to Yahoo Mail. In such a case, you should compress the file size and then try again to open your file attachment. This time, maybe the Attachment Not Appearing in Yahoo problem has been resolved.

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Final Thoughts

We have provided you with all the essential fixes for the Yahoo mail attachments not showing. These mentioned solutions might have given you the utmost outcomes so far and are completely safe to execute. If you still have any Yahoo Mail Attachment-related problems, feel free to connect with us. We are present 24×7 at the helpline number. 

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