Resolve the Yahoo Mail won’t Attach Files Problem

Resolve the Yahoo Mail won’t Attach Files Problem

When you attach a document to the email in Yahoo, you can find its progress being loaded. It is through a progress bar beside the attachment. A message, namely ‘Adding an attachment’, also helps you to monitor this process. When a document is attached, it appears as an image thumbnail or file name at the email’s bottom. It also has links for downloading or removing the attachment. But if you don’t notice these indicators, it means that the document has not been attached. Many people complain that their Yahoo mail won’t attach files. Due to it, their work can suffer. In this long post, you’ll find the various causes behind this problem and the different ways by which you can fix it.

Why Yahoo Mail Won’t Attach Files?

There are many reasons why Yahoo Mail is not able to attach the documents. Given below are probable causes behind such a situation.

1. File Limitations 

The mail does not accept the kind of attachments having names consisting of special characters. For instance, if your attachment has a name that includes hashtags, dollar signs, or slashes, the mail won’t attach it. If you see that your file name has punctuation marks or any other symbol instead of a letter, remove them.

Also, the total message size that Yahoo accepts is up to 25 MB. It estimates that the process of encoding that it utilizes to facilitate your mail to be read by other service providers can enhance the size by 33 percent. Consequently, your file cannot be that large. Yahoo users also cannot attach encrypted files. So, if your file falls in the above-described categories, then you will definitely complain of Yahoo mail attachments not working.

2. Browser Issues

You’ll likely face problems with attaching files in Yahoo if you are using a browser that’s not approved by the Supported Browsers for Yahoo Mail page. So, use a browser that’s listed on this page. You should also have the current versions of Adobe Flash, and JavaScript enabled. In case you use Internet Explorer, there is a chance that you might face compatibility issues. Other than that, ad-blocking extensions can also lead to this problem.

3. Other Possible Causes 

People can also complain Yahoo mail won’t let me send attachments when their anti-virus program is incompatible with this mail. Apart from this, there might be hidden malware in your system. Such kind of malware can frequently result in computer or browser interference. Automatic background software updates are yet another reason for Yahoo mail errors. Old or corrupt data and the presence of cache and cookies can also diminish the speed of your browser.

4. Technical Difficulties with Yahoo 

Often, Yahoo itself can experience several technical difficulties. It can also result in users finding that yahoo mail won’t attach files. For example, when Yahoo doesn’t upgrade, it can shut down particular features and functionalities.

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How to Resolve the Yahoo Mail Won’t Attach Files Problem?

There are various solutions to this issue. Read and implement them one by one to find out the cause yourself.

1. Check the File Name and Size

As mentioned before, your files should not have any special characters. Also, it should not be beyond 25MB in size. Check your file name and remove any hashtags, dollar signs, and slashes from it.

2. Resolve Browser-related Issues

If your browser does not support Yahoo mail, then ensure that you get one that supports it. Remove all add-ons and extensions. It conflicts with Yahoo mail and results in this problem. Another method to resolve web browser issues is to use a private or incognito mode when sending mails. The incognito mode does not have any add-ons enabled. So, you will be able to attach files easily.

3. Disable Your Anti-virus

Anti-virus software is crucial for keeping your system secure. That’s why experts recommend users install it. But often, it becomes the reason for people to experience yahoo mail attachments not working problem as it interferes with the functioning of the Yahoo mail account. So, turn it off temporarily and see whether you can send the attachments. If you can send them, then your anti-virus software is the reason behind this issue.

4. Resolve All System Errors

Many times, while working, you may have a lot of active programs in the background. These programs burden the resources of the system and prevent you from using your Yahoo mail properly. Thus, the best course of action in such a case is to clear all these unwanted programs. Do it by restarting your computer. You should also remember to remove caches and cookies periodically from your browser. Remove history and turn off all the updates. These small fixes can enable you to send email attachments in your Yahoo mail easily. Contact Yahoo Email Support for any extra assistance.

5. Resolve the Server Issues in Yahoo

You may often find that Yahoo mail won’t attach files when there’s a problem at Yahoo’s end itself. In such a case, you’ll not be able to send the attachments, but you can write, read, or edit emails that do not have any attachments. If there’s an upgrade on Yahoo’s end or it’s under maintenance, there is a high possibility that some of its functionalities may not work. In this situation, you can only wait.

At this time, you can check out downdetector.com to check the live status of Yahoo mail. Check if the site displays any issues with Yahoo services. You can also check out the official Twitter account of Yahoo to see if they are giving any information on their server issues. Lastly, you can also send a direct message to Yahoo customer care or comment on their Facebook page. You will get a speedy reply.

6. Launch No Add-On Mode

This option is for those who use Internet Explorer. You can open the ‘No Add-on’ mode and check if it can diagnose the problems that are happening because of the add-ons installed. Follow these steps.

  • Press Windows + R keys.
  • Input ‘iexplore -extoff’ and tap ‘Enter.’
  • Now, try adding attachments to your Yahoo Mail.

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Steps for Attaching a File in Yahoo Mail 

If you’re not sure how to attach a Yahoo Mail file, follow these steps. They will ensure that the files get attached properly.

  • Login to your mail and tap ‘Compose.’
  • Input the address of your recipient along with the appropriate subject and tap the icon of the attachment.
  • Choose a file from where it is saved on your system.
  • You’ll see the file getting uploaded in your email.
  • After it uploads, you’ll see an icon of three-dot in a corner. Through it, you can Preview or Remove the attachment.
  • Tap on the button ‘Send’ to dispatch the mail. You’ll notice a message displaying ‘Your message has been sent.’

Wrapping up

Now you know all the probable reasons why Yahoo mail won’t attach files and how to fix this issue. Make sure to check that your file has a proper name and falls under the approved size limit. Try removing add-ons and extensions in your browser. If you have an anti-virus installed, disable it and try sending the mail again. Get in touch with customer care support if you cannot resolve the problem on your own.

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