Easy Fix For Outlook Spell Check not Working

Easy Fix For Outlook Spell Check not Working

Outlooks is a very important software in offices. It has in-built features like auto spell-check. But things turn nasty when Outlook Spell Check not Working? issue occurs. We can understand as you’re heavily dependent on this outlook’s handy feature. Disappointed?  No worries! we are here to help you.

Grammatical errors or spell errors not only alter the sentence but tarnish your image as a professional. However, the whole thing turns upside-down when users see their Outlook spell check not working. Besides, they overlook the mistakes and embarrass themselves. Therefore, such email errors or any professional document is an eyesore for readers. Also, it puts your reputation at stake. Isn’t It?

Have you ever been in a similar situation? If yes, this blog will prove a real help.

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What is an Outlook Spellcheck Tool?

When the automatic Outlook spell-check is enabled, writers get notified of the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors while creating the draft. The tool highlights those issues in the draft makes suggestions and gives users a chance to rectify mistakes to write a professional write-up.

While reading this blog further, you will know the root cause of this issue, and how you can fix it quickly without an expert’s assistance. Nevertheless, if your Outlook issue persists, connect for email online help directly from the experts, and find a permanent fix for outlook spell check errors.

Reasons Outlook Spell Check Not Working

Here are a few possible reasons that cause the failure of the Outlook spellcheck tool or might stop it temporarily. Once you find the root cause of the issue, you can easily fix it on your own.

  • Disabled automatic Outlook spell & Grammar check
  • The incorrect preferred language is chosen by the user
  • Corrupt Installation & Patch of Outlook

Now when you know the possible causes Why Outlook spell checks are not working? Check them one by one to identify and eradicate the root cause of the issue.

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Ways to Fix When Outlook Spell Check Not Working

Spellchecker and grammar checker in our day-to-day life does not allow us to work without one. So, when users find Outlook spell check not working, they get worried and fix various issues. Below, we have underlined some of the best techniques to troubleshoot the issue and start the Outlook spell-check tool.

Step 1: Restart Outlook Program

Some applications don’t work properly when they are not properly starting, or when there is a slow network or no network issue. If you are unable to use Outlook spell check, the first thing you must try is restarting the Outlook program.

Step 2: Enable Outlook Automatic Checking

Once you set Outlook to auto-check your spelling errors, it will start composing an email. Here are the helpful stats to follow.

Go to File > Options > Mail. Under the Compose messages section, check the ‘Always check spelling before sending box.

Step 3: Check the Default Language Set in Outlook

Outlook checks your preferred language and then stores the dictionary of that language to check the spell errors. Sometimes, when the word is not available in the dictionary, it shows an error because that word might be in another language. 

For instance, the words ‘honour’ and ‘honor’ mean the same but, honour exists in British English whereas honor exists in American English. So, make sure you have chosen the same language. 

Step 4: Run Outlook Spell Check Manually

Select the content/ email you have written in your email and then select Review > Spelling & Grammar to run the Spelling and Grammar check manually. Though doing this is not always possible, you can use this trick when in extreme need.

Step 5: Disable Message ignoring settings in Outlook

If you have set Outlook to ignore messages like the replies and forwarded messages then you may find Outlook spell check not working. To ensure this is not the case, Go to File > Options > Mail

Next, clear the ‘Ignore original message text in reply or forward’ option under compose messages. Lastly, click the OK button.

Step 6: Troubleshoot Outlook

Even if the manual spelling checker works, users are advised to run the Outlook Repair tool– to fix the issue once and for all.

When you opted for possible solutions, make sure you restart your system to make essential changes.

Bottom line:

So next time when you face the same situation outlook spell check not working. You don’t need to run from pillar to post. Just follow the above-mentioned steps and it’ll start working for you –to make your professional drafts error-free.

You no longer have to be embarrassed by spelling & grammar errors. If the information provided in this blog doesn’t help, then you must connect with Limksys. Our expert team is 24*7 available to serve customers, and resolve queries instantly.

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