Outlook Emails Stuck in Outbox | How to Fix?

Outlook Emails Stuck in Outbox | How to Fix?

When it comes to handling emails effectively, Outlook would be the first choice for all as it helps the users to organize their work in a smart way. Being a software application, it is not necessary that it is error-free emailing services. Many of the times users have complaint that Outlook Emails Stuck in Outbox and the messages are getting trapped in Outbox. Whereas, the sending process is also taking several times to finish their working process. However, clearing out the stuck email or changing your password could make Outlook like a charm again. We have Email Technical Support team to suggest you what should do in such infuriating situation.


Why Outlook Emails Stuck in Outbox?

  1. The sending process may get slow or stuck at some point if there is a large attachment to send
  2. Due to an installation of add-in in Outlook the email is marked as viewed and hence halt the process
  3. Maybe the Outlook account is not authenticated by the mail server
  4. The mail server or Outlook working offline
  5. The send/receive settings may incorrectly configured
  6. Your Outlook emails may get stuck if the application is in use with another program
  7. Outgoing emails are scanned by antivirus program, this may also lead to Outlook Emails Stuck in Outbox

Ways to Sort out Outlook Emails Stuck in Outbox within a Second

After knowing the facts why it appears generally, you can very easily and smoothly deal with this problem. Check-out the below-listed constructively troubleshooting guides to receive your trapped messages in Outbox without any obstruction. Let’s begin the following:

Method 1: Change the Outlook Connection Status

In case, the email sending process gets stuck and your client is unable to receive your mails, then you have to first need to check the connection status of your Outlook account or the mail server status. If the mail server is offline, your messages will be remained in the Outbox folder until the server state changes from offline to online. With a few simple clicks you can check and change the state of the mail server. Follow the following guides:

  1. Look at the right corner of your Outlook account page. You can see “Connected” or “Connected to Microsoft Exchange” option. If it is “Connected,” then the problem is not related to the server status
  2. But if the status displaying “Working Offline” in Outlook, then it is your Outlook is offline and hence you need to bring it online. For this, first go to “Send/Receive” tab and click “Work Offline” to disable it. After doing this your stuck emails will start sending again
  3. If the server status is “Disconnected”, check the internet connection first and make sure it has high-speed connectivity

Once you have performed the above tasks and start trying to send emails again in your Outlook, it might smoothly be sent to the clients. But, if Outlook Emails Stuck in Outbox yetcontinue troubleshooting.

Method 2: Try Re-sending Emails

If the email is stuck in the Outbox folder, then you should try sending it again. If the stuck email gets exit from the Outbox folder successfully, your problem has solved now. But, if this doesn’t work, apply 3rd solution .

Method 3: Check Your Mail Settings

Check-out the sending/receiving mail server settings if that is configured correctly or not. If you have set a rule to delay message sending, you will be able to see your mails in the Outbox for a while.

Method 4: Make Sure Not Sending Large Attachment Files

Depending on the speed of your internet service provider, if you’ve attached a large file for sending mails, the process may get stuck and shown in the outbox. However, the large file attachment takes too much time to send successfully. So, if the connection speed is slow, it is possibility that Outlook Emails Stuck in Outbox. In that case, you must divide large files in one or two segment and then try to send again. This time, your mails can send with no obstruction, for sure. Hurry up! Let’s do it.

Method 5: Use Your Correct Outlook Password

If you recently changed your password, you’ll have to ensure that you entered the recently changed password. If you are not sure about it, then do the following:

  1. From the “File” tab, select twice “Account Settings” back-to-back
  2. Then after, select your account and click “Change”
  3. Under “Login Information”, in the Password box, type your new password. While typing make sure Caps Lock key is not turned-on

If yet unable to clear the halt mail that is in Outbox, us given tool.

Method 6: Use an OST Conversion Tool

In spite of reducing the file size and inputting the password every time, you can try using Inbox Repair Tool as Outlook stores all the information in OST file. If this tool also not helpful, it is highly recommended to use the Kernel for OST to PST tool. The tool works proficiently to resolve corruption and damages in OST files. This tool also works effectively in manually conversion the large-size OST files into small.

Dial Email Support Number Anytime For One-Stop Solution

Don’t be fret! If none of the aforementioned guidelines are beneficial in making the Outlook Emails Stuck in Outbox problem resolve. There are technical squad working hard day to night constantly only for your better result and support. Therefore, utilize your precious time by giving a ring at Email Support Number and staying in touch with them. Your problem will be solved, 100% guaranteed.

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