Fix Outlook Working Offline Problem with Quick Steps

Fix Outlook Working Offline Problem with Quick Steps

Working offline in your Outlook account allows you to use Outlook when you are away from your workplace and any network connection or when you would like to complete some important tasks without the interruption of new emails. Although it has a drawback also that is, you won’t be able to send/receive any emails or messages if having the status “Work Offline” in Outlook. Therefore, once your essential tasks have been done successfully, you can quickly Switch from Outlook Working Offline to Working Online so that frequently receive or send emails.

How to Know Outlook is Working Offline?

There are visual clues clearly shown with the status bar at the bottom of your Outlook window. If either of the following status indicators is displayed, it means Outlook isn’t connected to your mail server and it is offline:

  1. Outlook Working Offline with a red cross mark
  2. Disconnected with an exclamation sign
  3. Any of these two indicates Outlook is offline.

Why Outlook is in Offline Mode?

Due to the following reasons, your Outlook is running offline:

  1. Internet or mail server connectivity issue
  2. Having a problem with the Outlook account
  3. Mistakenly enabled “Work Offline” mode

In order to effort-freely bring your Outlook from Offline to Online, you are suggested to troubleshoot Outlook with well-qualified technicians. They are talented enough and have the proficiency to deal with this problem in the blink of an eye. Further, you can read out the post as here we describe. Let’s start!

Steps to Switch from Outlook Working Offline to Working Online

Following are the manual steps that will help you to get back your Outlook Online from its Work Offline mode. Hence, without wasting your time, start performing the underneath provided guidelines:

Step 1: Status “Working Offline”

  1. Launch Outlook Exchange account first in Windows
  2. Now, go to the “Send/Receive” section and then choose “Work Offline” to reconnect


  1. If the background of the Work Offline button is shaded, then it means you are not connected to the internet. But if the background is clear, you are well-connected to the network.
  2. If Outlook is running, then check the Quick Launch Taskbar; if there is a cross on the Outlook icon, it indicates that Outlook is Working Offline
  3. Another way to check the status is by looking at the status bar at the bottom right of the interface
  4. If you are connected, then the status bar will display Connected status otherwise “Disconnected” is shown on the screen

Step 2: Disable Work Offline in Outlook

Here is the second way to Switch from Working Offline to Working Online in Outlook. You are suggested to simply make the Work Offline mode disable using the following directions:

  1. First open Outlook in Windows by placing a single click or double-click on the Outlook app icon
  2. In the coming step, you have to assure that Outlook is running in offline mode. You can find a couple of graphic signals that notify Outlook “Work Offline
  3. Once you are ensured about itgive a click on the “Send/Receive” tab which displays in the blue banner at the top of the Outlook window
  4. Now, make sure the “Work Offline” button positioned on the far-right side of the Send / Receive toolbar is active. If the background is in dark-grey, it means the button is active
  5. Click once the “Work Offline” button. But if the button doesn’t active after clicking once, try clicking it twice—once to active “Work Offline” mode and once to disable
  6. After that, wait for the “Working Offline” message to disappear
  7. Once this tag gets successfully disappeared from the bottom-right side of the window, it would be great! As your Outlook is now in Online mode and hence you can frequently send/receive mails

Additional Tips for Reconnecting To Outlook

If the above steps are not beneficial in bringing back your Outlook from Offline mode to ‘Online’ mode, don’t panic! We have collected some additional tips in order to reconnect to Outlook. Have a glimpse of the provided points:

Tips 1: Reset the Work Offline status

On the “Send/Receive” tab, choose Work Offline, and then check your status bar. If the status yet showing Working Offline, repeat the action until the status changes to connected.

Tips 2: Check for Updates

Open any Office app and go to the “File” menu to choose the “Account” option. After that, under the “Account” section go to “Product Information” and then click “Office Updates”. Once you install the required updates if any are available, Outlook may be running online and hence it has been reconnected well.

Tips 3: Create a New Profile

If there’s a fault in your current Outlook profile, you need to create a new profile to fix your offline problem. Here are the steps for the new profile creation:

  1. First, launch Outlook and then Go to File > Account Settings > Account Settings
  2. Now, select the Profile you want to remove and click “Remove”
  3. Once you remove the current profile, add an account. To do this, go to File > Add Account and follow the on-screen prompted instructions

Now open Outlook using the new profile and if it’s still disconnected, try removing your account and then adding it back again.

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Contact Directly To Email Technical Support Team If yet Outlook Work Offline

If you are not finding the above information much effectual to make Outlook online, then don’t be disappointed! There is an Email Technical Support team to proffer world-class solutions at the doorstep. So, make a single call on the helpline number and stay connected with them as soon as possible. When you follow their proffered guidelines, you can easily be able to Switch from Working Offline to Working Online in Outlook.

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