Find and Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook 2016, 2013 and 2010

Find and Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook 2016, 2013 and 2010

Outlook is famous because of its advanced features and fruitful functions. However sometimes, while working with MS Outlook, many users suffer duplicate emails problem. This creates trouble in managing the mailbox, while proper management in the mailbox is quite essential as loss of crucial information is stored in it. This is the reason why you should pay attention to quick Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook. Don’t feel bad if you are not capable enough to delete the duplicate emails from your Outlook account. You land on the right page as the post provides you the same. So, simply read it out from top-to-toe carefully!


When Receiving Duplicate Emails in Outlook, What Problems Are Being Faced?

You will probably be facing the following complications when you receive duplicate emails in MS Outlook:

  1. Duplicate emails create confusion, which means you won’t be confirmed about the email whether it was replied or not. If you reply to the same email continuously multiple times, then it will lead to further confusion between the team members and clients.
  2. When duplicate emails are stored in the mailbox, the unnecessary size of data files will be increased. Because of this reason, the Outlook application will function very slowly and that will be a bad impact on business productivity. It takes several times to access the new emails and reply to them.
  3. If the Outlook is configured with Exchange Server or Office 365, duplicate items will increase the size of Exchange/Office 365 mailbox.
  4. The Outlook backups usually acquire more space and hence if you save backups at any external cloud storage, then it is required to pay more for extra space. Learn more at Email Support!  

Real Reasons Why Receiving Duplicate Emails in Outlook?

Some common reasons that can lead to Duplicate Emails in Outlook are listed underneath. Check out the given list:

  1. This happens in general due to incorrect configurations of rules.
  2. When the time limit of sending and receiving data is set to a very short period of time, then this may also trigger an email duplication problem.
  3. In case the same email account is configured multiple times, then the incoming data will be synchronized repeatedly. So, this can also cause the same problem.
  4. You might have improperly set your mailbox at the time when you create an account. This could also be the one possible reason for the same.
  5. In some cases, the antivirus program installed on your computer can interrupt in sending/receiving process of Outlook.

5 Ways to Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook

There are varied ways in order to efficiently Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook. We compile the top 5 essential methods to instantly delete the duplicate email messages from Outlook. So, follow the below-noted provided guidelines without wasting your precious time. Let’s begin:

Method 1: Check MS Outlook Account Settings to Remove Duplicate Emails

There is a high chance of possibility that while you configure MS Outlook files, it can be done more than one time. This adds numerous accounts to Outlook when you synchronize the same PST file. Thus, it results Duplicates Email in Outlook problem. To remove it, you simply have to follow the below given steps:

  1. First, open MS Outlook on your Windows system
  2. Navigate to “File” menu and then click on Info > Account Settings
  3. Doing so, Account Settings window will open up
  4. On that, you have to tap on the E-Mail tab and search for the configured account name. If it appears more than one time, immediately remove it.
  5. In order to remove the additional account, you first have to select the mail account and then press “Remove” button
  6. Finally, click on the “Close” button. By doing this your duplicate account will be completely removed from Outlook.

In case you are still unable to Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook, continue resolving.

Method 2: Remove Entire Duplicate Emails via Import/Export Option

With the help of Import/Export feature, you will be applicable to delete duplicate email messages in Outlook. Here is how to do this:

  1. Launch MS Outlook on your system
  2. Then after give a click on “File” tab
  3. Navigate to “Open & Export” > “Import/Export
  4. Doing so Import and Export Wizard window will show you up
  5. There, you have to choose “Import from another Program or file” option and then place a click on “Next” button
  6. Afterward, choose Outlook Data File (.pst) on “Import a file” window and then press “Next” button
  7. Select PST > Next
  8. Now browse the data file to import and select the option stating ‘do not import duplicates’. Click on “Next
  9. In the end, choose “Outlook Data Files” to export all data and then click “Finish” tab

This may help for Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook. But if the duplication of emails yet not disappeared from Outlook, apply method 3.

Method 3: Use Clean Up Tool of Outlook

Clean up Tool is the inbuilt utility of Microsoft Outlook playing role in removing Duplicate files, folders, emails or messages from Outlook. To remove duplicates with the help of Clean up Tool, you need to go through the below explained procedures stepwise:

  1. First and forecast, launch MS Outlook on your Windows desktop
  2. Place a tap on the “Cleanup” tool from the ribbon bar and then expand all the options
  3. After expanding, you will see three options: Clean up folders, Clean up the conversation, Clean up folders and subfolder
  4. From these listed options, you only have to choose “Clean up folder and subfolders” option and then click “Yes” to confirm
  5. Afterward, click on “Settings” option to provide the location of deleted folder items manually
  6. Once you select the “Settings” option, you will notice a new window will appear
  7. Click on the “Browse” option to enter the exact location of the Outlook PST file
  8. Select Folder” window will appear now in front of you
  9. Choose “Deleted Items” and click “OK” tab
  10. Finally, click on the “Clean Up Folder” option to eradicate duplicate emails from the mailbox of Outlook.

Method 4: Disable Antivirus Program

As it is already discussed above that antivirus software installed in your PC firstly scans for the virus but a one-point it integrates with Outlook and can intercept Send/Receive requests. This may cause downloading of identical messages. To get it resolved from the root, simply go through the anti-virus instruction manual to check the procedure to disable email protection. Once the email protection is disabled, wait for previous Send/Receive cycles to complete. And then, make sure that there are no duplicate messages or mails you received.

Method 5: Professional Solution

If none of the above methods work perfectly in a way to Remove Duplicate Emails in Outlook, then instead of getting worried about it switch to some professional solution. Outlook Duplicate Item Remover is one such application that can help you in eliminating the duplication of emails, calendars, tasks, notes, journals, contacts from Outlook. It is one of the finest applications suitable for dealing with duplicate emails problem. It lets you remove duplicate Outlook items from multiple PST/OST/BAK files in a batch also. When it comes to removing duplicate emails via email fields, it is the blue-chip option you should go for. Additionally, it supports both ANSI and UNICODE type PST files.

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Receiving Duplicate Emails in Outlook is a very serious problem for all Outlook users. It can create loads of trouble for users as this results in a bad impact on email functionality, productivity, and performance. It may also affect the workflow and management of emails in the mailbox. Thus, it becomes necessary to remove all Outlook duplicate emails as soon as possible. To help you out, we have introduced different ways to Remove Duplicate Emails from Outlook. You can opt for any specific method according to your choice. If they don’t work in extracting the duplicate emails, don’t feel helpless! We provide one-stop Email Technical Support online 24/7/365. The technical team will definitely solve the problem that you are facing with your Outlook account. Hence, give me a ring and stay connected!

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