Yahoo Mail Not Syncing? Solve the Problem on Your Device

Yahoo Mail Not Syncing? Solve the Problem on Your Device

The word Yahoo is synonymous with a feature-rich email service. The email service it offers is one of the best ones because of its great compatibility, functionalities, and robust security. People use it on iPhone, Android, and Windows. But when you find Yahoo Mail not syncing with anyone of them, it can certainly impact your day. So you must know how to address this problem. In this article, you’ll find detailed instructions about the different ways you can fix the Mail not syncing problem on different devices.

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Why Is Yahoo Mail Not Syncing?

A number of reasons can prevent Yahoo Mail from syncing properly. Irrespective of the device you are using, you can face this error due to the following reasons.

  • Outdated application version
  • The sync isn’t turned on.
  • Incorrect server configuration
  • The app is not properly installed
  • Excessive cache
  • Obsolete operating system.

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Troubleshoot Yahoo Mail Not Syncing Problem on Android

It’s quite frustrating not to receive emails on your Android phone. The following are a series of troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve this issue.


1. Inspect the Android App for Any Error Related to Functionality

The first thing on noticing Yahoo Mail sync error on your Android phone is to check the device. Ensure that it is working properly. Do the following things if you find any problem in its working. 

  • Update the operating system of the device to the current version. 
  • Now make sure to delete all app data and cache. To do that, navigate to the ‘Settings,’ and click on ‘Apps.’ Search for ‘App manager,’ and tap ‘Yahoo Mail.’ Now, click ‘Storage,’ followed by ‘Clear cache‘ and ‘Clear data.’
  • Now, force stops and reboots the device. To do that, hold the Home button. Then press the Menu button. Click ‘Settings,’ followed by ‘Apps.’ Search for any unresponsive Yahoo application, and click ‘Force stop.’ 
  • Next, you should reopen the app. 


2. Uninstall and Reinstall the App

This is another easy way to fix the Yahoo Mail not syncing issue on Android. Follow the instructions below to uninstall and reinstall the Android apps. 

  • Navigate to ‘Settings‘ on the Home Screen.
  • Click ‘Apps.’
  • Now, uninstall the application you want to remove and tap ‘OK.’
  • Next, head over to Play Store on your phone. Search for those Yahoo applications that you want to reinstall. 
  • Click ‘Install‘ and accept all app permissions. 


3. Find If There are Any Internet Connection Problems

In case of a network glitch, you’ll face the Yahoo Mail sync error on your phone. Follow these troubleshooting techniques for resolving network errors on Android devices. 

  • Reboot your device. Sometimes, the bad internet connection can be fixed by just restarting the device.
  • Switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data. If you find restarting not working, you can use Wi-Fi and mobile data alternatively. 
  • Contact your internet service provider if these measures still don’t fix the internet connection issue. 

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Troubleshoot Yahoo Mail Not Syncing Issue on iPhone

Like Android, there are different ways to fix the Yahoo Mail not syncing with iPhone problem. Below you will find some easy resolutions for this problem and also for the Yahoo Mail syncing issues with Mac Mail.


1. Switch on LTE

LTE implies 4G long-term evolution. It is for wireless broadband communication. LTE boosts the network strength by using cellular data. So when you are utilizing your mobile data to synchronize Yahoo email on your mobile phone, it’s best to enable LTE to achieve an optimal internet speed.


2. Re-add Yahoo Email on iPhone

Don’t worry if turning on LTE did not eliminate the Yahoo Mail sync error on iPhone. You can try re-adding Yahoo email by first removing your account on your phone.

  • Open ‘Settings‘ and choose ‘Accounts and Password.’
  • Choose your account and then select ‘Delete/Remove account.’
  • Go to ‘Settings‘ and opt for ‘Accounts and Passwords.’
  • Pick ‘Add Account‘ and select ‘Yahoo.’
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Tap ‘Sign-in.’


3. Examine the Server Address to Sync Yahoo Mail to Apple Mail

An incorrect server address can also prevent Yahoo Mail from syncing with Apple Mail. So, enter the server address as given below.

  • The POP3 incoming mail server is pop.mail.yahoo.com.
  • Its port number is 995, and it needs SSL.
  • The IMAP incoming mail server is imap.mail.yahoo.com.
  • Its port number is 993, and it requires SSL.
  • The SMTP mail server is smtp.mail.yahoo.com.
  • Its port number is 465 or 587, and it needs SSL.
  • The NEWS server name is news.yahoo.com.

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Fixes for Yahoo Mail Not Syncing with Windows 10 Mail App

When you find the mail sync problem with Windows 10, there are various ways to manage it. Before progressing to them, it’s important to check that you have a good internet connection. 


1. Check the Yahoo Server

On noticing syncing issues, you can begin the troubleshooting by inspecting the Yahoo Mail server status. Go to a website like downdetector.com and find out whether there’s any problem with the Yahoo server status.

If there aren’t any, you can use the other fixes. 


2. Manually Sync Yahoo Email with Windows 10 Mail

If you find Yahoo Mail not syncing with Windows 10 mail, you can manually sync them. Follow these steps to do so. 

  • Launch the Mail App. 
  • Tap the Yahoo account and right-tap on it. Then, choose ‘Account Settings.’
  • Next, tap the ‘Mail change box sync settings.’ Ensure that you have checked the ‘Email sync‘ option.
  • After you complete the syncing process, you’ll be able to add Yahoo Mail to your Windows 10 Mail App. 


3. Fix Yahoo Account Setup Problems in Windows 10 Mail App

The setup issues prevent you from receiving Yahoo Mail on your Windows 10 Mail App. To set up the Yahoo account correctly, follow these steps.

  • Launch ‘Mail, and tap the ‘Settings‘ button. 
  • Inside ‘Settings,’ tap ‘Manage Accounts.’
  • Next, tap ‘Add account‘ and choose ‘Yahoo.’
  • Input Yahoo email ID, and hit ‘Next.’
  • Sign in and agree to the app access to your Yahoo account. 


Final Thoughts

There are plenty of measures to use on finding Yahoo Mail not syncing to your device. Users using various operating systems can use the fixes explained in this article. However, if you still find the syncing problem not resolving, contact email support services quickly to diagnose and fix it. The support professionals will help you with instant resolutions. 


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