Microsoft Professional Support – How to Contact Live Technician?

Microsoft Professional Support – How to Contact Live Technician?

Consulting Microsoft Professional Support would be a final resolution when you seek immediate technical help & support. The experts have the efficiency to troubleshoot your problematic hurdles related to MS Office, or any specific problems. You receive an error message or any Office program that has stopped functioning; a door-step solution is at your fingertips. But a big problem is how to make direct contact with the Microsoft Professional team. So, here’s a way to get instant free support from Microsoft certified technicians:

  1. Browse the official Microsoft Office web and open a Microsoft Support Ticket.
  2. Simply by placing a single call at phone number.
  3. Via Remote Access.
  4. Via Emailing the Qualified Techies.


Microsoft Professional Support Plan for Technical Guidance

If you are a regular Microsoft user, you will have numerous Microsoft Professional Support Plans in your hand. On the basis of the service plan you have opted for, you will get a facility to cope with the technical hiccups. In general, the plan of Professional Support is available in two basic ways:

  1. Single Pay-Per-Incident.
  2. Annual Contract with Five Incidents.

What’s an Incident?

An incident is defined as a single support issue and the minimal efforts required to sorting it out. A single support issue is a genuine troublesome for the users that could possibly be divided into auxiliary problems. If the issue that you encounter be parted-wise into subordinate problems, each subordinate problem shall be considered an individual incident. However, a specific incident may have multiple contacts and offline research to obtain a quality resolving guide. The Microsoft Professional Support Price does not depend on the amount of time you spent delivering the solutions. The cost that you will be asked to pay is completely dependent on the subscription you have purchased.

The Two Microsoft Professional Support Options Are:

  1. Professional Support For Single Incident – $499 USD for 1 user
  2. Professional Support For Five Pack Annual – $1,999 USD for 1 User

Problems Resolved by Online Professional

  1. Unable to open any Office products.
  2. Saving issues.
  3. Can’t access MS Word in Windows.
  4. File conversion issues.
  5. Unable to access OneDrive online.
  6. Problems with Microsoft Office installation.
  7. Program Activation
  8. Microsoft Office not working problem.
  9. Microsoft Outlook login issues.
  10. Email sending problem with Outlook
  11. Facing error when opening documents after upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

How long does Professional Team take to Solve MS Office Problems?

Generally, it takes 2-8 hours to get response back from the Microsoft Support Professional team after raising a query. The collective time completely depends on the severity of your technical glitches. More severe problems receive a quicker response according to the ranking system tech-support engineers use to deal with a variety of problems. However, there is no guarantee of how soon the technical team will contact you and resolve your problems. But, of course, within 2 to 8 hours one of the team will definitely contact you.

What Problems Does Microsoft Online Professional not Address?

  1. Microsoft Online Professional won’t support you in developing new additional features.
  2. Microsoft expert won’t help you to review changes that have been made for your business to program.
  3. Professional team will not assist you with the unsupported products.
  4. Microsoft doesn’t provide onsite support. It means no technical expert will come to your home to physically assist you by accessing your computer or network.
  5. Microsoft will not look for a deeper root cause of your relative problem.

Advantages of Microsoft Online Professional Support

You might have come to a position where you need Professional Microsoft 365 Support for your problem-solving guidelines at an affordable cost. The Professional Online Support has packed a bag with loads of relevant features that you really want. Here are the top-notch services you can grab anytime:

Dedicated Team of Engineers: 

You will be able to contact the technical team who will be highly experienced and well-certified. Engineers are certified by Microsoft and also have hands-on experience in tackling MS Office program-related issues.

Contact Anytime Anywhere: 

Contacting a dedicated team of technicians anytime is quite critical but it’s not impossible. Of course, you will get effective one-stop support solution 24 hours 7 days a week. There is no time limit to make a connection with us for raising a voice of assistance for your problematic errors. We are 24/7/365 open to cater to all your needs in a limited time period.

Instant Response: 

The Professional Support team is capable enough to overcome all sorts of problems associated with the Microsoft Office suite. Though, getting rid of the challenges as soon as possible is vital to keep your team more productive and proactive. Thus, to make this really happen, our immediate response is somehow out-of-the-box among others in the industry. We usually take 2-4 hours to connect with needy customers and provide instant help.

Whether there are persistent problems occurring with any of the Microsoft Office products, consider Microsoft Professional Support USA to terminate the problem. A variety of error codes normally can pop-up while operating Office programs like Word, PowerPoint, Excel Sheet, or any others. But, there is no need to be worried anymore as specific fixes are being proffered 24X7 by the professional team. You only have to put a single call on the given helpline number and stay connected with the top-most techies. A simple and fruitful guide will definitely be delivered online to you.

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